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Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Building and Grounds Maintenance


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Charlotte, NC

re: Charlotte - A love hate relationship - 8/26/20
- 2/24/2011
Wow Mike, you know all about us 'northerner's'.....From everything you said I conclude everyone north and south has you figured out.
There is still a good ol boy society within Charlotte and you being a part of it.
1st hint comes from your comment, and I will quote: "If you are a 'Northerner' then do not complain about how you are treated by the native Charlottians. The alleged attitude comes from generations of 'Northerners' insulting our culture and using off color remarks while doing so. Don't take it personal, we simply do not trust Northerners until they have proven themselves to assimilate into our culture. Do not forget that MOST families in the south are generational. This means if you insult one family member, it will not soon be forgotten".

Firstly Mike, I don't have to prove anything to you or anyone for that matter about my personality, you either like it or you don't and I won't lose sleep if your choice is the later!

Second, 'I' have to get used to 'YOUR' culture and how you do things?
No, I don't.
You can do whatever you want so long as it don't affect me and I will likewise but I found it hard to mind my own in the past because of people like you who hear my voice and recognize it from being of the north just have to run off with the mouths.
All I ever heard when I was visiting or just passing through was 'damn Yankee, redneck, New Hampster? where's New Hampster?
Ive been insulted by you and Ive never initiated it.
Yes, I am a northerner and have lived in other US cities as well, starting with Chicago, NY, Atlanta, Tampa, San Diego, Louisville and Boston.
Bet your thinking now "this guy's black"....................WRONG, I'm white.
You can live however you want but before you make comments about any person and their regions, try to think before you speak.
Nobody insults Charlottians from the north, Charlottians who share the same attitude as you do it to yourselves.....You don't need any help from the people up north.
OOPS, did I just insult your entire family?..........Again, I think you do it just fine all by yourself!

No, I wont choose Charlotte as a destination point, still a lot of bigotry...

New Hampshire, NH

Move elsewhere - 2/23/2011
While New Hampshire is a beautiful state and has everything to offer it is not a place to buy a home unless you are wealthy and can afford to live off the interest of your investments.
The property taxes are outrageous because we do not have a state or sales tax.
The home owners support the state, period!

Vehicle registrations are ridiculous too and you don't have to have automotive insurance...That's right, your not required to carry it unless you get popped for OUI or get into an accident.
Because of this the ones who elect to have automotive insurance pay high premiums and if they get hit by an uninsured motorist, you'll be covered for your injuries but you wont be able to sue your insurance company for life long injuries because of the accident because the laws wont let you sue your insurance company! So if you lose a limb or a loved one, your loss, in the mean time the one who hit you is now obligated to carry automotive insurance.

If you rent, that's fine, you don't have the burdens of the home owner.
The state motto is "Live Free Or Die" and its true, you can live free in NH (if you collect welfare) because the tax payers, (home owners), pay for it...

I'm not against people who collect welfare, some people need it, but NH makes it easy for people to get it even if they have incomes.
What you see a lot of here are single moms with their working boy friends living with them.


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