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Miami, FL

re: Miami-Cost of living, culture, schools, health
- 7/4/2008
Get your facts straight... the cost of living in South FLorida is about average for the country. Property appraisals were high, but that was when every one made tons of money on those appraisals. With a correction like we're in now, it has all gone back to normal.

And by the way, you spelled ColOmbians wrong... you should think about picking up a little Spanish, its a beautiful language.

Miami, FL

re: quality of life - 4/2/2007
- 7/4/2008
Wrong, the rest of us will be happy when you leave... which has already happened I hope!

Miami, FL

re: Really good and Really Bad - 4/14/2007
- 7/4/2008
I can't believe how many "native miamionians" think that South Florida is expensive. You people MUST TRAVEL MORE... where I come from cost of living is at least 35% higher! Wake up!

Miami, FL

re: Pardise Lost - 5/4/2007
- 7/4/2008
Mercy, have you heard of Basel? Know where it is? Know what it is? Miami is quickly becoming one of the most important art cities in the planet (thanks to Art Basel Miami and others). What I got from your review is that you have some kind of chip on your shoulder because everyone else realized what a paradise Miami is and decided to steel your thunder. Oops, that would be me too! Sorry ;-)

Miami, FL

re: Miami FL or just another third world country
- 7/4/2008
Steven, not having any luck with latin women I take it?

Miami, FL

re: "Welcome to Miami" - the most overrated city i
- 7/4/2008
ah... Bob... are you OK? Did you take your medication? I hope no one is as dumb as you to believe even a word of what you wrote. The only thing you got right was spelling Miami.

Miami Beach, FL

re: richbank - 5/20/2006
- 7/4/2008
...and only getting better and better all the time!

Miami Beach, FL

re: South Beach ex-fan - 4/25/2006
- 7/4/2008
Holy Tree Hugger Mac! I think its time you realized we're in 2008... or find a dictionary to rediscover the meaning of progress.

Miami Beach, FL

re: Third World - 4/25/2006
- 7/4/2008
Not sure I get your point Addison... in 2008 Italy offered a baby-bonus to all citizens who had children (due to their low fertility rate). When the Italians discovered most of the baby-bonuses were going to new Muslim-Italians, they took their bonuses back! Should we in the U.S. be as racist as that? The most successful immigration program in the world happens right here, because we let people be people and don't get bent out of shape (at least most of us) when someone else is proud of their culture.

Miami Beach, FL

re: Crime - 3/24/2008
- 7/4/2008
and to add to your comment Ross... in 2007 there were only 2-murders in Miami Beach that happened during memorial day weekend. Also, Miami Dade police is on top with technology too. They are the first department to start using a state of the art helicopter (remote controlled) to track down would be thieves etc.

Miami, FL

re: LAURA - 3/31/2006
- 7/4/2008
Guy, either you are referring to Miami circa 1920, or you have lived under a a rock while in Miami. Aside from the latin influence, the most popular immigrant these days in European. You know what a European looks like right? Have you heard of Art basel? DO you even know where Basel is? If not, check out the Art Basel/Miami festival in December. It is the most important in the world since its inception in 2003. You might also want to investigate Miami Spice in the summer if you want some international Good Eats... and yes, there is great Ethiopian food in Miami. Not in 1920, but in 2008.

Miami, FL

re: My place - 6/14/2007
- 7/4/2008
Hey Guy, thanks for the enlightened review. Did you leave yet? If you did, I'd say most of the garbage is gone now.

Miami, FL

re: Miami, not what you think - 3/20/2008
- 7/4/2008
Hey Maria, based on your review it sounds like you were describing yourself. Are you leaving Miami? Say yes, it will improve instantly!

P.S. Public transportation is just an other way to keep the "common people" in the rat race. Thank god we still have our freedom in Miami.

Miami, FL

re: The City of Century XXI - 12/29/2007
- 7/4/2008
Couldn't agree more... lucky us who live here and know it ;-)

Miami, FL

re: Miami is not as bad as the reviews say, it is
- 7/4/2008
I have been living in (the) miami (area) for about 8 years now. I work in a very specific field, which has be verifying and keeping track of some very important statistics (financially and otherwise), not only as they pertain to Miami, but also how these statistics compare to the rest of the country and the world. As such, it's a shame more people who live hear are not aware of how lucky they are.

What really makes Miami such a special place is not just what it is today, but the path that it is on. Miami is barely 110 years old, but compares favorably with cities much older (older usually means more established ways in culture, financial, etc.).

Miami, statistically speaking is the most international city in the U.S. Only Toronto, Canada has more residents living within its borders that were not born here. In other words, more people choose to live in Miami from abroad than any other city, except Toronto.

Miami has the most international head offices in the world. Miami is attractive in this way not only because of the favorable weather, but also because geographically it is the gateway to South America and an enormous emerging market.

Weather wise, it's perfect. Yes, summers get even hotter and humid, but not only is the hotter summers worth it when you consider the paradise winter is, but humidity is mother natures moisturizer. In other words, humidity is actually very healthy for humans as opposed to a dry heat, or cold. For those of you who have yet to experience a miami summer, know that just like with a cold winter, the first year is always the most difficult until your body acclimates.

Crime in the U.S. has been dropping at an average of 3%-4% per year since 1982. Miami is no exception, and instead of the index used here, which is not very practical, what is important is that all of Miami-Dade county (which contains not just Miami, but many other cities) had less than 70 murders in 2007. This means you have a 6-times better chance of getting shot and killed in London, Paris (7-times), Rome(9-times), etc., than in Miami.

You might also be interested to learn that Conde Nast (once again) listed Miami on it's "It List". No other known locale was on the list and the reason for this is because even though Miami has "it's character", it is one of the few cities in the world, which continues to re-invent itself. Miami now is home to the most important Art Festival in the world (Art Basel/Miami attracts 40,000 jet setters each December), home to some of the most important wine and food festivals, about to open it's doors to MoMa Miami, home to some of the most important Art Collections in the world, and architecturally sets the stage for most modern cities.

In fact, while there is always a negative side to the kinds of construction booms we've seen in Miami, Las Vegas, Copenhagen, etc., (a correction), the upside is that Miami now has the 3rd largest and most beautiful Skyline in America and the 18th largest in the world.

This boom also means that the entire downtown core has literally been ripped out and rebuilt. Construction is still ongoing, but it will come to an end soon enough, and when it does, it will be a downtown hard to beat.

It may also be interesting to learn that international developers consider Miami land the most valuable in the world (based on their criteria). As a result, international moguls such as Flavio Briatore are building luxury towers where ever they can. And at an average of $300/square foot, it may not be the cheapest in the U.S. but it is a hell-of-a-lot cheaper than the nearly $8000/sq ft in London, $7000/sq ft. in Paris or $3000/sq ft in New York. And none of those places will offer it residents the sun, beaches or waters that Miami does. Not even close.

Culturally, Miami really is diverse. The problem is from time to time, some people who criticize the Latin community are too racist to realize that there is a big difference between a Colombian and a Venezuelan, etc., and that Miami is attracting a lot of Germans, French, Italian and Greeks.

To quote a European Real Estate expert: "The skies are still Blue, the waters are still turquoise, and the beaches are still white. At today's prices, finally, Europeans are buying their share of paradise."

And let's not forget nature. The Everglades was ranked #5 on the natural wonders of the world for 2007. How many people who live here actually know that the ecosystem in the Everglades is unique in the world. That there are birds, flowers and water creatures that only exist in the Everglades, and that the Everglades is not marsh land, but actually a rive, one of the biggest on the planet?

Florida is also the soon-to-be 3rd largest state in the U.S. and South Florida expects some 10 million new immigrants in the next 10 years. This means Miami will become an investors paradise (those immigrants have to live somewhere).

And I could go on and on, not just about Miami, but any city (it's my job), but I leave you with this: if anyone comes to a city like Miami and doesn't like it, I would wonder whether or not that person is blind, not very intelligent, or both (no offense).

Weston, FL

Top-of-the-line - 7/4/2008
Weston is the new Boca Raton. A paradise located within a paradise (South Florida), that has A+ schools, a diverse community, is hurricane-safe, and zero crime. A residential Disney land perfectly located between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

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