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Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Administrative and Support Services


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Denver, CO

Lived in Denver, now in Seattle, can't wait to mov - 8/1/2009
I lived in Denver before moving to Seattle a few years ago. If you have plenty of money and don't have to commute, Seattle is a great place to live(except for 9 months of gloom and drizzle). Here's my 2 cents:

Summer weather: Seattle beats Denver
Winter weather: Denver beats Seattle (I know some would disagree, but I would rather deal with the colder temps and more snow in order to have tons of sunshine; with the constant drizzle for much of the year, I feel almost as cold in Seattle during the winter).

Traffic: Denver beats Seattle (Denver has light rail although Seattle needs it ten times worse; I've heard there may be light rail completed 10 miles north of the city where I live by the year 2024!)

Cost of housing: Denver beats Seattle

Overall cost of living: Denver beats Seattle

BOTTOM LINE: Seattle is a great place to visit with lots of fun things to do, but if you want overall quality of life, the possibility to afford to buy a home, and not being stuck in traffic for hours every day, my pick is Denver.

Edmonds, WA

Beautiful place, but will never be able to buy a h - 8/1/2009
I moved to WA from Denver, CO in 2007. While Washington is much more scenic, and there's more to do, the cost of housing is out of reach for a single mom like me. I can barely afford the rent, and I will never be able to afford to buy a home. The traffic on the Interstate is horrible; I'm comparing it to Denver, where they have a lot more light rail (and Seattle needs it ten times more). I must admit the weather in the summers is terrific, but I prefer the Colorado winters. I'd rather deal with more snow and mostly sunny days and colder temperatures than 9 months of grey skies and drizzle. I plan to move back to Colorado when my daughter starts college in a few years.

Austin, TX

Moving from Denver to Austin or Seattle this summe
- 5/9/2007
I have lived in Colorado since 1981, but will move this summer to either Round Rock, TX or Edmonds, WA. Debating the cost of living (I don't make that much money), hot weather vs. cool, traffic, and sunshine vs. lack thereof. I have a teenager who will go to the Univ. of TX or Univ. of WA. My best friend lives in Seattle, but I've heard a lot of good things about Austin and seems like my fixed income will go much further. Any ideas?

Denver, CO

Denverite since 1981 moving to Austin or Seattle?
- 5/9/2007
I am moving to either Round Rock (Austin), TX or Edmonds (Seattle), WA this summer. I'm trying to narrow it down. Austin is much cheaper to live, but weather is worse. I have been to Seattle several times and know my standard of living will drop because of the housing prices (I don't make a lot of money). I dislike the traffic in Seattle and will miss all the Colorado sunshine, but my best friend lives there and my daughter and I have decided to make a change. Will be visiting Austin next week. My daughter would be going to the University of Texas or University of Washington after high school. Any comments or feedback from those who've been to both places would be appreciated. I've really liked living in Colorado for the past 25 years, but it's time for a change.

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