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Moving from Denver to Austin or Seattle this summe
Star Rating - 5/9/2007
I have lived in Colorado since 1981, but will move this summer to either Round Rock, TX or Edmonds, WA. Debating the cost of living (I don't make that much money), hot weather vs. cool, traffic, and sunshine vs. lack thereof. I have a teenager who will go to the Univ. of TX or Univ. of WA. My best friend lives in Seattle, but I've heard a lot of good things about Austin and seems like my fixed income will go much further. Any ideas?
Diane | Edmonds, WA
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- 11/19/2019
Austin has enough to be what you make it.
Oh the haters. I cant decide of they just hate life OR if they are trying to post negativ...
Roger | Austin, TX | 2 Replies

- 11/13/2019
Austin is overrated
Moved after a week. It’s a crowded, busy, expensive, dirty place to live. I don’t understa...
Johnathan | Aurora, CO | 3 Replies

- 10/27/2019
Austin Does SUCK!
On Man! Where do I start??!!! I have been here going on 8 years and I have SEEN so many ...
Kimberly | Austin, TX | 1 Reply

- 9/18/2019
Growing and changing fast... it
Austin isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s great for people in their 20s or 30s who work ...
Ryan | Austin, TX | 2 Replies

- 8/18/2019
Austin is the worst!!
I am ready to get the Hell out of here...I moved recently from Sunny Isles to Austin tempo...
Tina | Austin, TX | 4 Replies

- 7/22/2019
Stay away from Austin TX.
Austin is absolutely the worst city I have lived in. It used to be a clean, safe city 20 y...
Austin | Houston, TX | 7 Replies

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