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Lynchburg, VA

Charming But Intolerant - 3/17/2020
There is much that I like about Lynchburg. The scenery is pretty, lots of historic architecture, well mannered Southerners. But, it is dominated by Jerry Falwell's Liberty University with 13,000 very conservative students, faculty and administration. This makes for a pretty intolerant atmosphere. Do not consider moving here if you're gay.

Roanoke, VA

Do a lot of homework
- 3/17/2020
Crime is a bit high in poor areas of the city. Air service is about what you would expect for a small city. There is direct train service to DC & then NYC. Have not noticed business is any different here than elsewhere. Virginia has 5.3% sales tax and almost all localities tack on a 5% meals tax. Virginia income tax is low. Government services are quite good.

Roanoke, VA

Stars for the terrain, none for the peopl - 3/17/2020
Don't get it. All 7 of its Council Members are moderate or liberal Democrats, 3 are women, 4 are men, 3 are black (incl mayor), Vice Mayor (highest vote getter) is openly gay, lots of immigrants because of Catholic Refugee Services. There are large Pride, Indian, Diversity and Latino Festivals. I find it very progressive and tolerant. Now, the surrounding rural areas are somewhat backward, but neighborly.

Roanoke, VA

Not a great place to live
- 3/9/2019
Update 2019. Downtown is thriving. Many of the buildings are turn of the century and nearly all have been restored with historic tax credits. There are lots of restaurants as well as museums and the Market. There are 8 parking garages downtown. the city does not want spread out surface parking. Parking is very inexpensive compared to other areas. On final note, tourism has been growing at about 10% per year, which is strong.

Roanoke, VA

Honest answers, please?
- 3/9/2019
Crime is confined to certain low income areas in the city. Overall, the crime rate in the Roanoke Valley is quite low. Job opportunities depend on what type of job you are seeking. Unemployment rate, 2019, is 2.5 %

Roanoke, VA

Choose Wisely
- 3/8/2019
All localities in Virginia have personal property taxes on autos. I find Roanoke to be more accepting and less stuffy than most places in Virginia.

Charlottesville, VA

Fun but expensive - 3/5/2019
Charlottesville is a beautiful college town. Just be forewarned that it comes with a lot of traffic and very high real estate prices. A small colonial in town in a good area can run close to a million. A new house way out in Crozet, 15 miles away, is 600. UVA hospital and medical providers are good. Surrounding countryside is beautiful. Students are privileged and entitled and hearing about The University is tiresome. Best for rich young professionals, OK for families, not navigable for seniors unless you're a great walker..

Roanoke, VA

If you have morals, you don’t belong in R - 3/4/2019
I would agree there is a fair amount of crime in Roanoke City, as there is in Lynchburg, Richmond, Norfolk etc. The cities are poorer and the suburbs are wealthier. Roanoke County has like the 2nd lowest crime in VA & Salem, next door, is always selected as one of the safest cities in VA.

Lexington, VA

High cost of living for such a small plac - 3/4/2019
Gorgeous town, almost a museum piece of 19th century architecture. Vibrant downtown with plenty of restaurants. Good cultural amenities with two historic colleges. Beautiful surrounding countryside. Real estate is quite expensive. Easy to spend 700-1 million, which is a lot for a small town away from any metro area. Professors at W & L are paid well, W & L & VMI alumni retire here and affluent history buffs move here, all contributing to high prices. But, if you can afford it, like Charlottesville, it is a pretty place to be.

Roanoke, VA

Lots of amenities for small to medium MSA - 3/4/2019
Roanoke City is about 100k population, Roanoke County almost the same, Salem is 25k. VA has independent cities which are compact and generally contain some wealthy older neighborhoods and lower income areas. The counties are middle and upper middle. Yes, if you live in the city there are poor areas and areas with crime. On the other hand crime in the county and Salem is extremely low. Driving around here is a breeze. You can get from one end of town to the other in 5-10 minutes. It has a vibrant downtown and amenities you would expect in a larger city, like a first class symphony, art museum, regional theater and concert venues. Lots of good ethnic and American restaurants. A dozen breweries. Farmers markets are everywhere because it is surrounded by rural areas. Outdoor recreation is great because of mountains, rivers, lakes. City is Democratic. Surrounding areas are all Republican.

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