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Granite City, IL | 5 Review(s)

Single father of two teens. Looking for a good place to move to raise my kids.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Transportation and Warehousing
Enjoys: family, outdoors adventure, art
Website(s): http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1006103074&ref=profile


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Reviews & Comments

Fort Collins, CO

re: Fort Collins, CO - 4/1/2009
- 5/20/2009
Sounds good to me! By the way, it's a free country so who cares what they think.

Sherman, TX

re: A Wonderful Place to Live - 8/28/2008
- 5/11/2009
I'm looking to move from the St. Louis, Mo metro east area, and find a better place to raise my kids. I'm actually from Granite City, IL. and Sherman is comparable as far as size and economy seems to go. I'm used to making around 45K a year driving truck local and paying close to 700. for a two (actually 3 bdrm. if you count the basement) apartment. Do you think I could do the same in Sherman? Your opinion, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sherman, TX

re: Gossip Central - 7/31/2005
- 5/11/2009
Just sounds like they're trying to be neighborly. I would certainly want to know the scoop just upon moving in.

Casper, WY

re: Living in Casper - 10/17/2008
- 5/9/2009
Your comment is one of the most recent that I have found. I lived in Cody, Wy. in 1993 as an army recruiter. I was considering moving back to Wyoming (I now live in Illinois) with my two teenagers. Yes, I'm a single dad. I drive a truck locally and was hoping to find a job. I've been researching, and believe it or not, Casper made a list of good places to raise kids according to www.bestplaces.net. I continue to read about the meth problem. The wind is definitely a factor, I remember Cody being windy too. Housing shortage has always been a problem for Wyoming. I'm not so sure Casper will be my first choice now.

Granite City, IL

Want To Move - 5/9/2009
Granite City is not a bad place to live. The smell of the steel plants is annoying sometimes. There is rarely a day go by that you don't here sirens going down the street. Nearby St. Louis, Mo. is daily reporting murders on the news.

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