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Im origionally from Albuquerque New Mexico. Ive lived all over but i grew up in Nebraska. Im 20 years old and am a cosmetologist. I vacationed in Clearwater Florida and i want to move there next but i really dont know much about the place. Im open to suggestions. I just want to go somewhere new. I want warm weather and a low cost of living and a big city by the beach. If someone knows of the perfect place for me. Please tell me about it.


Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Sales
Enjoys: Water sports, driving, music, movies


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Houston, TX

re: Houston is a very pleasant surprise - 11/6/200
- 2/27/2008
Im from Nebraska and want to move to a coastal area. How far exactly is houston from the beach? Do you know what a two bedroom apartment in southern houston go for? Would you recomend moving there to a small town young single hairstylist??? Ive done research in a variety of towns along the gulf coast and houston so far seems like the smartest choice. What do u think? I love warm humid weather and a lower cost of living and a big city to keep me entertained. Is houston for me?

Biloxi, MS

re: After Katrina - 9/25/2007
- 2/26/2008
im thinking of relocating. I want the beach and i want affordability. Biloxi was my number one on the where i should live quiz. How would u rate biloxi compared to other coastal cities?

Biloxi, MS

re: Biloxi - 5/6/2007
- 2/26/2008
www.findyourspot.com completly disagrees with you. It says biloxi's economy is booming and because of katrina opportunities as far as cost of living and job growth is booming and have nicknamed it the land of opportunity. Im not argueing i would just like to know who to believe.

Nebraska, NE

All the info u need about Nebraska - 2/26/2008
Ive lived all over in Nebraska and many other states. Im 20 years old and joined this site because i want to relocate. Not because Nebraska is bad just because im ready for a change.

Nebraska has everything someone needs. Its not the biggest state so if u need a change of scenery its a maximum drive of two or three hours. The west is far more country, BEAUTIFUL scenery rolling hills and farmland, sunsets to die for.

The middle is where i live. Its a little flatter but just as pretty. There are plenty of jobs everywhere in Nebraska. Cost of living is extremly low. Id say the average income for someone in Nebraska is 30,000-60,000 a year and that is more than enough to live comfortably. My parents make about 40G a year and they live in a comfortable 4 bedroom house with a huge yard and a garage.

The weather in Nebraska changes everyday. A very common thing people say is "if u dont like the weather wait 5 min and itll change. Nov-feb, u can count on it being very cold. But during those months u get beautiful snow fall and frosty trees, along with it comes treacherous driving and broken ankles : P . The occasional blizzard happens. BUT winters vary, some are very mild and others frost bite is a serious concern. Spring is about a week long lol. Usually in may. Right after may is when the heat comes. The heat changes depending on how much it rained in the summer. Some summer are very dry and u can cook an egg on the pavement, other summers very humid. Around september fall comes and lasts till thanks giving. I shouldnt even be talking about the weather its so unpredictable. Some winters i wore shorts on Christmas and other times August i had my winter coat on. So if u like a variety, nebraska is the place.

Recreation is abundant especially if u like to camp. Most of the water sports happen up north in places like Yankton and Niobrara. Lewis and Clark reservation is very popular and open year round for tubing, skiing, ice fishing, boating, camping.

If your a big city person Nebraska isnt the place for u. Unless you move to Omaha, thats the biggest city. There is always plenty to do everywhere because if its lacking population its got lots of recreation and if it lacking recreation uve got lots of other things to do.

Hard to find a place in Nebraska without recreation though. Omaha has everything, its a big city with lots to do, opera, musicals, movies, restaurants plus all the recreational stuff. Anywher

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