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Chubbuck, ID

I have spent the night in Chubbuck several times and there is a HORRIBLE smell in the air each time. I was told that there is a fertilizer factory nearby that spews a NASTY chemical-like smell in the air. I pity the workers who work in that factory and the citizens who live there. I bet many in that town develop lung issues from breathing that toxic air every day.

Think twice before ever considering a move there!

Sparks, NV

re: Weather here is great!
- 9/27/2017
Hello Mindy:

I hope you are still loving Sparks. I have a former neighbor who lives there now and has been there for 22 years with her husband.

I am 64 and currently live in Albuquerque after being born and raised in San Jose, CA. and I lived there for almost 60 years before moving in 2013. But my life in New Mexico has not been what I had hoped and I am hoping to move in two years or less.

I cannot live at higher elevations now since I found out last year that I am HIGHLY allergic to juniper tree pollen in this desert climate at 4900' where I live. And now, I have to figure out where to move to at a much lower elevation.

I can no longer afford the Bay Area and am considering looking at the Sun City Lincoln Hills community in Lincoln, CA. in the Sacramento area. I will be there in December for a look.

By the way, I LOVE Kansas and it is my FAVORITE state!! I once looked at real estate in Emporia and Manhattan but then decided that the risk of severe weather, cold, snow and blizzards was more than I wanted to deal with. I am also a BIG KSU fan and I have friends in various parts of the state. I was just there in late April and early May for my many visits and discovered Wellington and Winfield for the first time and enjoyed BOTH cities, esp. the latter.

Well, bye for now!

Victor Lipari
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Camarillo, CA

re: Great Place to Raise a Family
- 2/15/2017
Thanks for your review. How are the medical facilities and air quality there in Camarillo?? Are there still a lot of farms in the area? Are there "animal smells" in the air like from dairy farms?? What kinds of allergies are you talking about??

Thanks for any feedback!

Victor Lipari

Atascadero, CA

re: Atascadero going down the tubes - 7/20/2015
- 12/13/2016
Hello Ron! Are you still in town??? I read your comments and you seemed to be happy at one time but not now and I am sorry to hear that.

I would LOVE to move to SLO but the homes are so high that I am not sure if I would even qualify to buy a home there.

Anyhow, reviews in thread are mixed about your city and that is a bit concerning. Santa Maria is even worse for reviews. I also looked at Trilogy nearby in Nipomo but the homes are SO high there.

Anyhow, not sure what I will do but keep doing my research.

If you want to reply, please do!

Thank you!

Victor Lipari
Albquerque, NM.

Redmond, OR

re: re: - 11/28/2009
- 12/7/2016
Hi Jill: Where did you finally move to??? I hope things worked out for you and the kids.

I am from San Jose, CA. but moved to Albuquerque, NM. in 2013 and now really regret it for various reasons. And Redmond looks like a city to check out, though one person who lives there said it is "nine months of cold" which does not sound appealing. (I was considering Bend but with all the juniper trees there (which I am HIGHLY allergic to), I may have to look elsewhere.)

I also like the San Luis Obispo, CA. area, though the homes there are not cheap.

Well, that is it for now. Best wishes!

Victor Lipari
Albuquerque, NM.

Redmond, OR

re: Fog Question - 8/18/2015
- 12/7/2016
Hello Charlotte: Did you find out any info from anyone about Redmond?? One person who lives there said it is "nine months of cold" which does not sound appealing.

I was considering a move to Bend but since the area has "tons of junipers" like my friend there told me (I am HIGHLY allergic to them), I may now have to consider Redmond since it is lower in elevation and has fewer junipers.

I am originally from San Jose, CA. and moved to Albuquerque in 2013 but now regret it for various reasons. And I was considering the Medford area where another friend lives but it has air quality and excessive heat issues which I sure do NOT want in retirement.

I may also consider the San Luis Obispo area, though it is not cheap, unfortunately.

I hope YOUR plans work out for you and if you want to reply, please do! Thanks!

Best Wishes,
Victor Lipari
Albuquerque, NM.

Albuquerque, NM

re: So much wasted beauty - 9/2/2016
- 12/7/2016
BERT: I also moved here in 2013 and now REALLY regret it!!! My aunt and uncle lived here for 22 years (1990-2012) and I visited them many times over the years in their Near North Valley neighborhood north of Old Town and Interstate 40. I always LOVED their subdivision since it was so quiet and peaceful. And they told me about the crime areas in town and this area was not one of them. (Yah, they told me about some items taken off their porch and some other home break-ins in their subdivision but overall, they still felt comfortable living here.)

But in the past month, a truck was stolen from a lit driveway in the early morning hours and that was just two blocks to the south from me. And just last Sunday morning around 3 AM, I heard a vehicle and noticed that it looked like someone was opening mailboxes and looking for mail to steal-----in the middle of the night!!! And earlier this year, there was a home break-in in the court across the street from me after dawn on a Sunday morning and the couple was robbed of items. They eventually decided that they could no longer live in the home after this incident and then sold the home and moved away. Too bad since they were nice people. Anyhow, even in this quiet and peaceful area, the vermin have also spread their poison with their crimes.

My uncle died and my aunt moved to Arizona and I bought their home but later really regretted it since the home needed a lot of work and I thought I could handle it but found out that I made a BIG mistake!!! And even worse this year, I have had HORRIBLE asthmatic issues because I found out that I was HIGHLY allergic to junipers and only my inhalers and meds have saved me. But I do NOT want to have to take these for the rest of my life and even my allergy doctor said a move to a lower elevation would be good for my health. (I NEVER had juniper issues in San Jose.)

I am now considering a move to the Bend/Redmond, OR. area or maybe even the San Luis Obispo, CA. area, though the homes there are MUCH more expensive than the ones in Oregon.

The real estate market here is not that good and I WILL lose money on my house when I do sell someday. I just want to do the minimum of work to get the maximum price but I do NOT want to sell it "as is" and get low ball offers from "flippers".

I am retired after growing up in San Jose, CA. I also am familiar with your Minneapolis area since I have friends who lived in that city, Shoreview and now Blaine.

Regarding your comments, I agree with everything you said well and the corruption in government, law enforcement, APS, etc. is just appalling and the drunk driving and child abuse issues are even worse!! The lax laws and judges letting the criminals out over and over tremendously endanger our lives.

And I miss Kasier health care in San Jose. I had it so well and did not even realize it until I moved here. Took me awhile to find medical help but ABQ Health Partners has been good enough for me, though it took me 6 weeks to get an appointment with a specialist since there are fewer and fewer doctors in the state now which is VERY concerning and another reason why I need to leave.

Next year, I will visit the cities that show potential for me and will probably live in one or more of those cities for a couple of months to see if I will like living there. And when I find a place to move to, then I will sell here and get what I can for my home.

This is NOT the way I wanted to live my retired life and even the locals who have lived here for many years say that the crimes and criminals seem to be getting MUCH worse than in years past. This is NO way to live!

Anyhow, if you care to comment, please do and I welcome your feedback on my comments and about life here in ABQ.

Best wishes on YOUR future plans!!

Victor Lipari

Albuquerque, NM

re: So much wasted beauty - 9/2/2016
- 12/7/2016

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