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Tucker, GA

not jut dekalb - 4/14/2010
Tucker is also a small part of Gwinnett County not just Dekalb.

Phoenix, AZ

re: highly overrated and a bad place to live - 2/1
- 4/12/2010
OH MY GOSH. really people?If you really hate your own home then why dont you just move somewhere else? And Phoenix,AZ is not "ghetto". That is a word that is being used way to commonly. A ghetto is A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of DISCRIMINATION. WOW. Um where else are lower class people supposed to live anyways?Its not always their fault that SOME parts of Phoenix are this way. And the government can do something about this problem anyway. And don't forget that EVERY city has the same problems as Phoenix,AZ does. the "ghetto" ones anways... and your crime there isnt as bad as where I live. which is in GA. search for Georgia on here and look up the crime and then compare it to Phoenix.we have a 8-9 rating of crime while you have all 6's. BIG difference right there. and im not trying to diss my home but at least the gov. is trying to do something about it. andalso the community is too.

Lilburn, GA

great place to live! - 4/12/2010
Lilburn,Ga is a great place to live for those with a family to care for. There are many resturants in and around the area where you can meet up with friends or just have a Sunday lunch at.(Blue Rooster in Old Town Lilburn by Lilburn Park..had GREAT sanwiches!!!) There are 4 close malls to go to and Discover Mills is not that far either. The schools are great!(like the ones in the Parkview cluster...but NOT Lilburn elementary and middle)Im going to be honest. some areas of lilburn are not as nice as others(i'm not going to use "getto" because people just dont know how to properly use it and when they do use it they just make it another too commonly used word...). But lilburn city officials are working hard to make ALL OF IT a great place to live, work, visit, or just hang out at.

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