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Wilcox, KS is a small town located in western Kansas. The population of Wilcox is quite small, with only about 830 residents. Despite its small size, Wilcox offers a variety of services and amenities for its citizens. The cost of living in Wilcox is incredibly affordable in comparison to the rest of the United States. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment is only $710 per month, while the US average for two bedrooms is $1,430. Additionally, the grocery cost index for Wilcox is 91 versus 100 in the US, making groceries more budget-friendly than most other cities.
The town also has several local businesses that contribute to its economy. Some popular businesses around Wilcox include Ennis Auto Repair & Detail Center, Friendly Village Grocery Store, Chisholm Trail Antique Mall and Restaurant, and Cook's Gas Station and Convenience Store. There are also many churches located throughout Wilcox which can be found by exploring various city blocks or rural areas surrounding the town center. Along with these businesses there are also several parks and recreational facilities nearby providing plenty of places to go for recreation or relaxation when visiting or living in Wilcox.

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  EconomyWilcox, KansasUnited States
Household Income 69021
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