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Wilcox, KS Commuting

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United States / Kansas / No Metro Area / Trego County / Wilcox / Zip Codes
Wilcox, KS is a small town located in the western part of the state. Despite its size, Wilcox offers several transportation options to its residents. The most common mode of transport in Wilcox is by car, with residents relying on their own vehicles and those of friends and family for day-to-day activities. Public transit in Wilcox is limited but available through Kansas Special Transportation Services (KSTS). KSTS provides accessible transportation to seniors, people with disabilities, and others who meet certain eligibility criteria. Additionally, Wilcox has two taxi companies that provide citywide services for those without access to a vehicle or public transit. With these options available, local residents are able to get around town with relative ease.

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  TransportationWilcox, KansasUnited States
Commute Time 26.79
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