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Moyock, NC is a small town located in the northeast part of North Carolina. It is home to a variety of businesses including Moyock Lumber Company, Moyock Hardware Store, and Moyock Preschool. The town also offers many recreational activities such as golfing, fishing, biking, and hiking.
When it comes to housing costs, Moyock's 2 bedroom rent prices are higher than the average US rate. In Moyock the average 2 bedroom rent is $1,660 compared to the US average of $1430. The grocery cost index in this area is also slightly higher with 101 versus 100 in the US on average. This could be because of the larger selection of organic foods available at local stores such as Little Island Natural Food Store and Healthy Groceries Plus.

Moyock has an unemployment rate of 4.4%. The US average is 6.0%.

Moyock has seen the job market increase by 1.0% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 36.2%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.

Tax Rates for Moyock
- The Sales Tax Rate for Moyock is 6.8%. The US average is 7.3%.
- The Income Tax Rate for Moyock is 5.5%. The US average is 4.6%.
- Tax Rates can have a big impact when Comparing Cost of Living.

Income and Salaries for Moyock
- The average income of a Moyock resident is $26,267 a year. The US average is $28,555 a year.
- The Median household income of a Moyock resident is $99,385 a year. The US average is $69,021 a year.

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