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Moyock, NC is a small town located in the northeast corner of North Carolina. It is conveniently located within easy access to major highways, making it an ideal location for commuters. For public transportation options in Moyock, there are two main options available: buses and shuttles. The Dare County Transit System provides services within Moyock and the surrounding areas with both fixed routes and on-demand services. These routes provide connections to Currituck County, Elizabeth City, Grandy, Harbinger, Jarvisburg, Powells Point, and more. Additionally, Community Ride of Northeast North Carolina provides residents with door-to-door shuttle services for medical appointments or grocery stores throughout the week. With these two public transportation options available to residents of Moyock, traveling around the area has never been easier.

The typical American commute has been getting longer each year since 2010. The average one-way commute in Moyock takes 37.2 minutes. That's longer than the US average of 26.4 minutes.

How people in Moyock get to work:
- 86.6% drive their own car alone
- 9.8% carpool with others
- 2.1% work from home
- 1.5% take mass transit
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