Zip 06061 (New Hartford Center, CT) Economy


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New Hartford Center, CT (06061) is home to a variety of local businesses. The average rent of a two bedroom is $1,410 which is slightly lower than the US average of $1,430. Grocery costs are 104 compared to the US index of 100 so prices for food may be slightly higher. Some local companies in the 06061 area include New Hartford Lumber Co., The Elegant Farmer LLC, and All Natural Pet Supply Inc. New Hartford Lumber Co provides quality building supplies and services for all your construction needs. The Elegant Farmer LLC offers unique products and services such as gourmet pies and gift baskets for special occasions or just as a treat. Finally, All Natural Pet Supply Inc specializes in pet related items like food and treats, beds, toys and other accessories. All these businesses provide quality goods and services to the community of New Hartford Center.

Income by Population Percent

  EconomyNew Hartford Center, ConnecticutUnited States
Household Income 69021