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Zip 06061 (New Hartford Center, CT) Commuting

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New Hartford Center, CT (06061) is a small town located in Connecticut. It provides easy access to nearby towns with its convenient public transportation options. The local bus company, the Connecticut Transit Authority, offers daily scheduled service from the center of town to points throughout Litchfield and Hartford counties. There are also options for taxi, Uber, and Lyft services available for those wanting to avoid traffic or travel outside of the county. For longer journeys there is an Amtrak station nearby which has regular scheduled service to major cities such as Boston and New York City. Additionally, Bradley International Airport is only a short drive away offering flights to domestic and international destinations. Overall, New Hartford Center is well connected through its public transportation system making it easy to get around town or take a trip out of state without much difficulty.

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  TransportationNew Hartford Center, ConnecticutUnited States
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