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Bonita Springs, FL is a great place to get an education. The local schools in Bonita Springs are highly rated and offer a wide range of educational opportunities. From the elementary level right up to college and university studies, Bonita Springs has something for everyone. Students can take part in advance courses such as dual enrollment or AP classes while middle schoolers have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities such as sports, music or drama clubs. Higher education is also available at many institutions like Florida Gulf Coast University and Hodges University. The excellent educational opportunities offered by the schools in Bonita Springs make it a great place to pursue knowledge and higher learning.

Bonita Springs schools spend $9,794 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 16 pupils per teacher, 1,693 students per librarian, and 636 children per counselor.

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Over 3 years ago

We moved to Bonita Springs in January 2021 and have been here about seven months. Overall, the city is clean and the people are friendly. We like the shopping options at  More

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Pure bologna. It is a fantastic area. We moved here full time in 2018 and this town is amazing. You are part of a metro of close to 1,000,000 population and yet have the  More

   |    Reply

Over 13 years ago

The corner of nowhere - you have to drive the same two or three roads to get anywhere, so you are stuck with the same places to go  More

   |    Reply

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