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Fort Lauderdale, FL is a city of cultural vibrancy and many educational opportunities. It is home to numerous well-respected schools that are continuously rated highly by parents and students alike. The quality of education in Fort Lauderdale is further enhanced by the local education initiatives provided by the town. Many of these programs involve providing comprehensive support for students, such as mentorship, tutoring, and opportunities for extracurricular activities at schools in the area. These initiatives ensure that all children in Fort Lauderdale receive a solid foundation that will help them thrive throughout their academic careers. Additionally, high-quality education in Fort Lauderdale extends beyond the classroom, with many museums and libraries offering unique learning experiences for all ages. With its great range of educational options, Fort Lauderdale provides an excellent environment for people looking to further their knowledge and gain valuable skills on their path to success.

Fort Lauderdale schools spend $9,109 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 17 pupils per teacher, 723 students per librarian, and 499 children per counselor.

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Fort Lauderdale and South Florida are eclectic, which makes for a tough adjustment if you're from a homogenous area. The secret is to find the location of all the things  More

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Like any city, Fort Lauderdale has it's good points and it's bad. On the good side you can't beat the weather here, especially October to June. No snow and no winter  More

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Over 9 years ago

My husband I are are from Illinois and Indiana. We moved here five years ago and we still HATE it! In the Midwest people are friendly and care about others. I can't  More

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