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New York State has some of the best education opportunities in the United States. It is home to many top-tier universities, including Columbia University, New York University, and Cornell University. Local public schools are also highly rated for their academic excellence. Many districts have been recognized for their high performing schools and innovative programs that are designed to help students reach their full potential. School ratings play an important role in determining the quality of education available in New York State, with schools receiving strong marks if they are doing well academically. Education in New York State is a priority and it is clear that efforts are being made to ensure that all students have access to quality educational opportunities regardless of where they live or what kind of resources they have available to them.

New York schools spend $23,054 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 14 pupils per teacher, 516 students per librarian, and 368 children per counselor.

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i hate it  More

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As far as the outdoors, New York is a beautiful state with a lot to offer than most people think. New York has two of the best state parks in the country. Watkins Glen  More

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There are many things I love about New York but the top of my list is the easy access to the best healthcare anywhere.  More

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