Zip 27942 (Harrellsville, NC) Education


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United States / North Carolina / No Metro Area / Hertford County / Harrellsville / Harrellsville (zip 27942)
The education in 27942 Harrellsville, NC is top notch with a highly rated school system. The area offers great educational opportunities for students, providing them with quality learning experiences that can help them reach their full potential. With an emphasis on providing strong academic preparation, the local schools strive to ensure every student is able to meet their academic goals. In addition, the local community provides numerous resources and supports for families and students throughout the district. With a welcoming and supportive environment, Harrellsville is a great place for young people to grow and learn.

Harrellsville (zip 27942) schools spend $10,655 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 14 pupils per teacher, 641 students per librarian, and 291 children per counselor.

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