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The education in 22314 Alexandria, VA is highly rated by local and national sources. The schools in this area consistently score well on standardized tests and have above average graduation rates. The teachers in the district are highly qualified and committed to making sure each student gets the best educational experience possible. With a strong focus on creating an environment where students can succeed, 22314 Alexandria, VA offers a great opportunity for children to receive a quality education. Additionally, there are many community organizations that offer special programs and activities designed to enrich learning experiences for students of all ages. With the support of dedicated educators, parents, and community leaders, 22314 Alexandria offers an excellent educational experience.

Alexandria (zip 22314) schools spend $17,582 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 12 pupils per teacher, 524 students per librarian, and 289 children per counselor.

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This is a friendly, beautiful yet quaint town. Lots to do if you are a sports enthusiast: sailing kayaking biking tennis and great health clubs. Great arts district  More

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Over 15 years ago

The houses here are small because this section of Alexandria is historically preserved (which means its also kind of expensive) but it's a very nice neighborhood, I feel  More

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We live in the Carlyle area of Old Town Alexandria. It's a neighborhood that caters well to the yuppie population, and the late 20 to 30-somethings, with a growing  More

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