Health in Wyoming

Health is ranked on a scale of 1 (worst) to 100 (best).

Wyoming air quality is 85. (The US average is 58.)
This is based on new measures of hazardous air pollutants from the EPA, called the National Air Toxics Assessment. This analysis models respiratory illness and cancer risk down to the zip code level, providing better detail and insight than the previous analysis based solely on results from air monitoring stations.

Wyoming water quality is 55. (The US average is 55.)
Note that this is a measure of Watershed quality, not the water that comes from your faucet. The EPA has stated that a healthy watershed is closely related to drinking water quality. The EPA has a complex method of measuring watershed quality using 15 indicators such as pH, chemicals, metals, and bacteria.

Wyoming Superfund Index is 80. (The US average is 87.)
The EPA's Superfund program is responsible for cleaning up some of our nation's most contaminated land. Our index is based on the number of active Superfund sites (over 15,000 in the United States), with particular attentin paid to those on the National Priorities List which pose the greatest health danger.

- There are 169 physicians per 100,000 population in Wyoming. The US average is 210 per 100,000 people.
- Commuting can effect your health. The average person in Wyoming commutes 18 minutes one-way, which is shorter than the US average of 26 minutes.

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  HEALTHWyoming, WyomingUnited States
  Air Quality (100=best)84.958.4
  Water Quality (100=best)5555
  Superfund Sites (100=best)79.586.9
  Physicians per Cap.169210
  Health Cost100.3100
  • Physicians per Capita (US Avg: 261)
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