Zip 03890 (West Ossipee, NH) Health


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United States / New Hampshire / No Metro Area / Carroll County / No City / West Ossipee (zip 03890)
The health of the community in 03890 West Ossipee, NH is important. There are a number of local hospitals and medical facilities available to support the needs of the residents. These include the Memorial Hospital in North Conway, which has 24/7 emergency care, and the Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, which offers a variety of services including primary care, surgery, imaging and rehabilitation. In addition to these facilities, there are also numerous doctor's offices located throughout the area that can provide routine checkups and screenings as well as specialized care when needed. The region also has several retirement homes and assisted living centers that provide access to quality healthcare services for seniors. Overall, the health of residents in 03890 West Ossipee is well supported by the various medical facilities within reach.

The health of a city has many different factors. It can refer to air quality, water quality, risk of getting respiratory disease or cancer. The people you live around can also affect your health as some places have lower or higher rates of physical activity, increased alcohol intake, smoking, obesity, and cancer rates.

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