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Zip 03890 (West Ossipee, NH) Commuting

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United States / New Hampshire / No Metro Area / Carroll County / No City / West Ossipee (zip 03890)
In 03890 West Ossipee, NH, public transportation options are limited. The main option for getting around town is to drive your own vehicle or to use a taxi service. The closest train station is in Portland, ME, more than an hour away. There are no bus routes in the area and no direct flights from the nearest airports in Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME. If you need to travel further away from West Ossipee, shuttle services are available to take you to the larger cities such as Boston or Manchester where more comprehensive public transport networks exist. For those who prefer cycling or walking as their means of transportation, there are plenty of trails and paths close by that can be used for exploring the area.

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  TransportationWest Ossipee, New HampshireUnited States
Commute Time 26.79