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The housing market in Fort Collins, CO is flourishing. The median value of houses in the area is around $544,900, which is significantly higher than the US median value of $338,100. In the past year alone, appreciation in house values has grown by 9.56%, only slightly less than the nationwide average of 8.27%. With its vibrant economy and growing population, Fort Collins offers prospective homeowners a great opportunity for investment.

The median home cost in Fort Collins is $544,900. Home appreciation the last 10 years has been 143.1%. Home Appreciation in Fort Collins is up 16.0%.

Average Age of Homes
- The median age of Fort Collins real estate is 30 years old
The Rental Market in Fort Collins
- Renters make up 43.6% of the Fort Collins population
- 1.6% of houses and apartments in Fort Collins, are available to rent

Buying a home is the biggest single purchase most people make during their lives. The second largest is most often an automobile.

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Over 2 years ago

Moved my family here a few months ago and have been so disappointed. Housing is dismal - you get low quality and almost nothing for what you’re paying. The house we’re  More

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Over 3 years ago

There is a high cost of living in all of Colorado, and there is a train that runs through the town a honks its horn for about 5 min straight which is very annoying  More

   |    Reply

My family established our home in Larimer County in 1973; this area, Fort Collins, was a quaint, western-ish town we loved to visit. So I’ve visited FoCo multiple times  More

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