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New One Click Comprehensive Data Downloads

2019 has already been a big year for us as far as new features, and we're not letting up. We're pleased to introduce our latest development in easily consumable data with our new one-click "data packets."

Now you can download the full BestPlaces set of data for any city, county or zip code, and save them to your computer for easy, offline comparison in an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet. It's perfect for anyone who wants to compare and analyze dozens of data points between a number of different places.

With the power of a single click, you get over 250 pieces of information about a place - demographics, cost of living indexes, climate stats, housing prices, voting info, health data, employment numbers, and more. You download all of the data you see on the site in an easy-to-use CSV file (compatible with Excel or Numbers). We are offering 10 downloads for $5.99 and 20 downloads for $11.99 with no contract or commitment. 

Simply search for a city, go to its place page, and click on the blue "Download this Place" button to get started.

BestPlaces Data Analyst Nick Arnold on our latest feature:

"These new Data Downloads are a simple and powerful way to download information about a place. You instantly realize the value of them when it takes you only a few seconds to scroll through the list of data."

Ready to get started or get a free sample? Click here.


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