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Madison, WI is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. Each neighborhood in Madison has a unique identity that reflects the local population. In addition, Madison is home to many different religious congregations that help to make the city more diverse and welcoming. These churches are important institutions within the community, providing places of worship for those who wish to practice their faith in an accepting setting. The churches in Madison range from traditional denominational churches such as Baptist and Lutheran to more modern establishments like nondenominational or interfaith congregations. Many churches offer services in multiple languages, provide support for members of the LGBT+ community, and host special events like concerts and festivals throughout the year. With so many different religious congregations to choose from, Madison provides an ideal place for individuals to find spiritual solace while also becoming part of a larger community.

46.9% of the people in Madison are religious:
- 1.2% are Baptist
- 0.3% are Episcopalian
- 22.3% are Catholic
- 12.4% are Lutheran
- 3.5% are Methodist
- 0.4% are Pentecostal
- 1.9% are Presbyterian
- 0.6% are Church of Jesus Christ
- 2.3% are another Christian faith
- 0.6% are Judaism
- 0.4% are an eastern faith
- 0.5% affilitates with Islam

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.
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