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School Profile

Countryside High School
3000 State Road 580
Clearwater, FL 33761
(727) 725-7956
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public | PK, 9-12
County: Pinellas


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012teacherGreat Principal who cares about teachers and students. Needs others to step up and help with proper placement of personnel.
10/18/2012otherI went to Countryside, and I hated it. The only bright side was that 90% of the teachers were amazing. They cared, and gave ample help to those who needed it. The administration, however, was entire consumed with the idea of punishing students. It got to the point where freshmen would ask how to get something done and all we'd say is "Have a parent call, otherwise they won't listen.". The guidance program is awful; whenever you need to find a councilor ( which is always a last resort), they are never in the office. I found that the only way to get a meeting with a councilor was to wait outside their door, even missing classes to wait until one finally showed up. The receptionists were often rude and patronizing, and every other week a fight is breaking out. I wouldn't go back if you payed me a million dollars.
5/26/2011otherrrr rrr rr r r r r r r r r r r r r r
10/13/2010otherBest teachers in Pinellas County!!
4/17/2010studentCountryside is a very good high school and one of the best public schools in the Pinellas county area as previously stated. The sports programs are some of the best in the state, although the only one they care about is football. Most of the teachers are nice to the students or at least helpful. Drama, Band and TV Production are also excellent. The building is a little old and outdated even though they just 'updated' it recently (Thats if you consider new ceiling tiles updating). The school is crowded, with a few portable classrooms. There doesn't seem to be enough funding because teachers often have to buy extra supplies for their students out of their own pockets, pens, pencils, ect., but that isn't really that surprising in these times. The text books are several years old and falling apart. But it is still an excellent high school.
1/15/2009studentCountryside is a very good high school and one of the best public schools in the Pinellas county area. Track, Soccer, and Volleyball programs are some of the best in the state. Majority of the teachers are nice, or at the very least helpful, to the students. Drama club and Band are also excellent, the band is playing halftime at the Super Bowl this year. The downsides are that the building is old and outdated, the school is very crowded, especially after the choice fiasco, and its underfunded by the state. Teachers often have to buy extra supplies for their students out of their own pockets, pens, pencils, ect., and the texts are often several years old.(I technically have 2 calculus books, 1 with all the text and information, the other is the detached cover for the book.) It is still an excellent high school to send your children to.
9/29/2008otherCHS has a great ESOL program. Coming from a spanish country I did not speak any English but with the help of all the great and caring teachers, I learned the language jsut fine. I graduated in 2004 and whenever I thin of my high school years I do it with a lot of happinnes and love because I truly think they have great teachers there.And for those parents and student complaining of the teachers, they can only help those kids who are willing to receive the help, and if the kids are too rebellius or lack of interest there is nothing the teachers can do. I truly love this school.......
3/27/2008teacherCHS has strong school leadership and teachers who care about kids. It is the finest school of my 32 year teaching career.
3/24/2008parentSince my son transfered to Countryside from East Lake he has a whole new respect for the teachers. I see a big difference, the teachers at Countryside High are approachable and very organized and more than willing to help the students. My son now wants to be a teacher. I am so pleased with my decision to take him out of East Lake.
1/29/2008parentMy daughter went to this school and it was horrible. The teachers (some, not all) are rude and condescending. They do not return phone calls or emails.
11/3/2007studentI have 32 students in my class. With only 1 teacher! The teachers dont care the parents dont care no one cares. They say ' we will go to the 6 by 6, we will try to have less diversity, blah blah blah' they have been saying that since my cousin went there 8 years ago!! Things arent going to change anytime soon. Attending countryside has been the biggest mistake of my life. I hope someone reads this before its too late! Also it is true. Countryside DOES pick on popularity and not ability. Sad isnt it? Well thats my Opinon about the school. Ill be the class of 2011. That is if there still is one..
12/17/2006studentMy teachers make good use of the extended period and there is always homework. I am challenged in every class but excel because of the extra help the teachers offer and the NHS tutoring program. Of course I've had the occasional bad teacher but overall I like her classes. There are also many programs. I'm in Drama club, Colorguard, FCS, and Marine Biology club. Countryside is a marvelous school and I'd recommend it to anyone.
1/12/2006parentI happen to Love this school , the teachers work with the children, and help them for the real world, The entrance and exit to the school lot still need improvment but overall if you want your children to have the best you send them to Countryside high school....
1/11/2006parentMy son seems to be fairly bored in school. He doesn't bring home homework. The children seem to have ample time during classtime to do their homework. I would've thought that with extended periods, and less periods, they would be getting accelerated learning. However, it does not seem that way. I don't believe the teachers are making the best use of the extended class time. They are still using lessons from the shorter periods they used to have. I believe too much time is being wasted -- and the children have too many days out of school to start with.
2/8/2005parentThey have a great preschool program here called little cougars. Very well put together. I would send any preschooler to this program. Teachers and students are very helpful and creative.
2/3/2005parentOlder child went to C-side high school. Worst experience ever. Child had straight A's, good behaviour, but the teachers acted extremely prejudice.
3/1/2004parentAmazing teachers who interact with students and help them to succeed. This parent is really pleased.
9/9/2003otherA lot better than Clearwater high. The teachers, for the most part, really go above and beyond.

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