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Coral Gables Preparatory Academy
105 Minorca Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 448-1731
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public | PK-8
County: Miami-Dade


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6/8/2012parentI have been in this school for 6 years (my oldest just completed 7th grade). I have to say that each year has been better than the previous one. The level of education here is incredible. This is clearly demonstrated by the tests/FCATs/competitions that the school participates in each year. There is a reason that this school is ranked so high. Apart from exceptional FCAT scores due to the exceptional and caring teachers, they are the reigning Geography Bee champions, several students were recognized for SAT performances in math and reading via the Duke TIP program, the PE coach won a national award, I could go on and on - but above all the young gentlemen and ladies feel safe, happy and confident - the proof is in the pudding. Seeing these children become young teens teeming with confidence, class and perfect manners both in and out of school while excelling in academics as well as extracurricular activities is all that counts and this school helps them do just that. As a parent that is all I ask for and expect.
6/7/2012parentMy child was on Pre-K (2011-2012) in this school (only one class, 20 kids, 58 on the lottery!) Mi 5 year old kid now can read and write like a kinder boy(or more), count to 100, he can do basics additions and subtractions up to 10, and more important, he has learned how to be a child socially responsible. But (maybe)we have to move, and he will have to go to another school. I am VERY SAD to leave such a good school. Good luck, teachers!
6/6/2012otherthis school is horrible. i HAD to leave in 4th grade, (while this school ends in 8th including the middle campus). the lunches are normally a red liquid with some white pads or a good thing like a pack of mini cheeseburgers. im going to wesley matthews elementary for 2012-2013 school year. (5th grade) the reason i hate this school so much is that they dont encourage kids like they should. for example: when i was in second grade, i made my AR goal (a certain number of points you have to make by reading books and taking tests.) so i told my teacher, "i made my goal!" and she just blabbered "good for you. BACK TO WORK!!!!" the one and only teacher that is good is mrs. a.r. martinez. BEST TEACHER EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i highly don't reccomend this school.
10/7/2011parentThe school offers a decent education, but fails several areas. I am a parent of two children (one still there, one who left). Oversized class-counts. At least one class has more than the law allows (over 20 instead of 18). The principal plays with the number, but this does not change it: they are violating the law. The Principal is rude and mean. She yells at parents, even when they are supporting the school in PTA events. Almost no field trips. Your child will have friends at other schools who go out often, but not your child if you are at CGE. Do not go to complain, because she holds grudges. Does she keep this job because her husband is a lobbyist at the school board? There is NO emphasis on science education except for a once a year science fair. Math education is very bad. The school puts energy into reading, which is great, but it seems very little in math. There are not any electronic resources, but there are several for reading. As a result, my older child struggled with his first weeks in middle school, but we hired a tutor, and he later placed up a grade level. If you have choices, consider them. For middle school- LEAVE. There are many better options.
8/29/2011parentThe winning recipe for this school's success is the level of parental involvement, typically lacking in the public school system. The teachers are indeed wonderful and do their best within the constraints of a public school curriculum and the bureaucratic non-sense. The Gifted program is good without an inordinate amount of homework. Overall, I am sufficiently pleased with the education my son has received, although I do supplement his learning in the areas of geography, music, and sports.
8/7/2011otherThis is a great school. I graduated in 2009 and entered the school in pre k. All my teachers were so supportive and just great. I wouldn't have gone to any other school. both of my bothers also went to this school and are now two bright high schoolers. One of them attends the IB program in Coral Gables high school and the other goes to dash. Two great schools.
12/6/2010parentVery dissapointed of this school, it is good but unfortunately they are not giving the encouragement to the kids like they should
12/6/2010parentThis year my daughter's teacher is not like the others she had in the past. She is a good teacher but I do not feel the same caring and involvement with parents like other teachers.
9/21/2010parentThe first year of the NEW middle school! How lucky we are to have a class of 35 students! With the blessing of our school superintendent, Mr. Carvalho. We have an incredible group of students with excellent teachers to grow and expand the horizon of our children. The kids are loving their environment and learning so much! Thank you Ms. Gutierrez (Vice Principal) for learning our children s names. And thank you for giving them close to two hours of Spanish! Technology is forthcoming and we are as excited as the school and I have no regrets of taking our child out of the other middle school. We can see the excitement and a wonderful future for our kids. Here at Coral Gables K-8 Preparatory School!
6/2/2010parent I am very happy about this school. Miss Ribas has been a great teacher for my daughter Salome in PK. She always was available to answer any of my concerns about my daughter's education. Her enthusiasm, discipline and support are qualities that I am sure marked the beginning of my daughter performance.
5/4/2010parentExcellent School! Mrs. Buznego on the first grade, is an example of teacher! My daughter has learned so much! She amazes me every day!
2/3/2010parentFantastic in every way. Parents and teachers interact well. Students are the focus. New fencing has improved security a great deal. The gifted program is phenomenal. Has to be the best elementary school in the state.
10/17/2009parentThis is a wonderful school. My son graduated from here last year and it was by far the best experience that he could have ever had. Since kindergarten he was blessed to have wonderful,caring teachers that care about what they do and love it. His favorite teacher and ours was Mrs. Lali Gonzalez...I can't say enough about her. Caring, loving, disciplinary, smart and attentive to the needs of every individual child. A true gem! The administration, staff and parents work together hand in hand for the benefit of all the children! My son and our family will always treasure the years at Coral Gables Elementary!
10/9/2009parentThis school has been the best experience for my son. From the administration on down they really care about our kids
5/16/2009parentThis is a great school. My daugther has Mrs. Elder as teacher ane the progress and atmosphere is amazing
12/1/2008parentCGE continues to be an excellent school. Thank God that Mrs.Revman-Fox provided a GREAT foundation because unfortunately, most of the great teachers that were around for a while have moved on. I believe that it is the parents who help keep this school's administration on its toes. This school is known to have high expectations of the students so why not the administration. I LOVE THIS PLACE
8/26/2008parent the teachers are the best .Ms.wolf and Ms.garcia are excellent
12/2/2007studentall the teachers are very good... especially ms.garcia and ms.piedra
11/28/2007otherCGE has wonderful teachers who take an interest in the child as an individual. As a retired school administrator in another state, I have found my granddaughter's second grade teacher, Mrs. Torres, to be all that a parent or grandparent could ask in regards to the caring and academic environment. We did find, however, that the principal needs to give a more timely response to attempts to reach her. Office staff are friendly and helpful. Some of the cafeteria staff do not reflect a caring, helpful attitude toward students and need to be reassigned or replaced.
10/19/2006parentCGE is part of a 'school of choice' program, meaning you get to choose between 3 schools depending on your child's goals. CGE has a full time gifted program which is why I chose this school. Both of my kids (1 has graduated and 1 is still there) have had a very high quality education. The other 2 schools of choice have language programs so if that is your focal point, then please don't put down this school. All schools can't be everything, but this is a great 'well rounded' school. My child who graduated attends a nationally recognized college prep (private) school and the knowledge received at CGE more than prepared him.
8/16/2006former studentSince coming here four years ago, I find that this school is not what it used to be at all. Until the staff infrastructure is back to its usually high, pleasant standards, I would think twice about putting my kids in a great school turned upside down. 3.2stars
5/24/2006parentCoral Gables Elementary is an excellent school with very involved parents. It is one of the best public elementaries in South Florida.
5/16/2006parentThis is a great school with great staff. I also have to say that the parent involvement makes this school high quality. I just wish it were more secure since it has too many open environments
5/7/2006parentThis is my first year at the school, my kids are in pre-school and 2nd grade and the teachers have been great as well as the principal and VP and staff as a whole. Very friendly and concerned for the education of our children and emphasize importance of parent involvement. I do think they need much more emphasis on the Arts since I think their art classes are not up to par. I also wish they would have permanent bilingual curriculum. Most of the kids would be able to learn both languages but they need more strict classes and probably daily (Spanish) for the kids to get a strong base (grammar/ phonetics) at an early age which is so important in the learning of a second language and would be a big asset for their lives.
4/27/2006parentCoral Gables Elementary is one of the best elementary schools in Miami dade. The teachers are very commited to the students and take really seriously the education of your children.
11/28/2005teacherHigh academic expectations, and great teachers to provide it. Principal leadership is outstanding. Always ready to help parents and students alike.
6/22/2005parentThe school is very good as far as quality of academics is concerned. The administration and staff members are highly responsive to parents needs. While it ranks high in academics I found that it is low in extracurricular activities but can be sought externally. Parents involvement is up to the parents. The availability is there.
4/15/2005parentI have 2 children who have attended coral gables elem since kindegarten. The staff is very caring and concerned but just like most public shcools it is too crowded. The staff is excellent. The education is superior. They both graduate this year (2005) from the 5th grade. They have been a A++ school for years.
4/5/2005parentCoral Gables Elementary is an exceptional school, with exceptional teachers. There are several programs which have shown well worth the funds, such as the violin program and the geography bee. The teachers are well-qualified, warm and caring, and that is probably the one most significant factor to for making it such an excellent school.
3/15/2005parentThis school has a wonderful PTA. Parents are very involved with the school, the school have a wonderful reading program. Children are been tested I believe every week based on their readings. They also have a gifted program from 1st grade to 5th grade. It has been a grade A school for 4 years in a row. The school is in a good neighborhood and in a good environment. Coral Gables has an after school program and the teachers a very caring. I don't think the school has extracurricular activities like ballet or karate classes. But part of their curriculum music and art is included for all students. The preschool teacher Mrs. Walker has a good reputation of being a wonderful teacher because she has been there for so many years. Wonderful teacher in so many ways, her method of teaching and her personality that is so caring towards the students.
1/11/2005parentThis is an excellent school. It is an A+ school for years and it is a blue ribbon winner. Parents at this school are very involved and there is also a great music program now.
1/11/2005parentMy son has been at Coral Gables Elementary from Kinder-5th grade. I wish there was a 6th grade The teachers and staff are very attentive. There are many activities that are lots of fun. Like the Haloween Carnival and the Nutcraker Play the 5th graders put together. There are academic programs and clubs the kids can join. Parental involvement is secret to this schools success.
11/17/2004parentWe are very happy with the school in all aspects.
10/28/2004parentThis school is perfect! Great teachers, staff, afterschool activities. My son can't wait until next year for first grade. He wants Mrs. Ablanedo. Playing favorites, somethings never change!
5/21/2004parentThis is the best school in Dade County. It is unfortunate that there aren't more schools like it.
3/14/2004parentWhen we moved to Florida we had not heard good things about the schools. Our concerns were put to rest when we first entered Coral Gables Elementary. We have been very happy with CGE and my son's first grade teacher is excellent! He has come a long way under her instruction and encouragement. She is wonderful. This is a great school and the parents are very involved. The encouragement by the school adminstrators for parental involvement in the school is evidence that the staff is doing great things and has nothing to hide. This translates to a great education and a safe learning environment for the students.
2/29/2004former studentI loved coming to CGE! The environment is the best with all the fun you have and great extra-curricular activities! Last year I participated in the Superintendent's Music Festival. It was the best time I have ever had! My new middle cshool could never amount to what CGE has become.
11/5/2003otherI am a Coral Gables Elem, Alumnus, having attended in the late 80's. CG really shaped who I would become. Because of the support, the teachers, and the environment, I was nurtured to be the best I could be. Now, our little family member has been attending since Kinder, and it really hasn't changed. It's still the best school in Dade County. Several of my old teachers are still there making an important impact on the lives of those kids.
10/20/2003parentMy daughter has been at CG Elem. since Pre-K, she has had loving and supportive teachers every step of the way. She is now in gifted and is a very well rounded young lady. Parent's are always welcomed into the school and are considered a very important part of each child's education. It has been a WONDERFUL experience having my daughter in this remarkable school.

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