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Interlachen, FL is a small town in Putnam County which offers a high-quality education to its students. The schools in Interlachen are among the highest rated in the state of Florida and boast experienced and knowledgeable educators. According to recent reports, Interlachen has several elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school that serve the community. These schools are well regarded for their excellent academic programs as well as student activities and clubs. There is also a wide variety of extracurricular sports teams available for students to choose from. In addition to providing quality education, the community works hard to ensure that its local schools are safe and secure learning environments. Despite its small size, Interlachen is proud to offer its students an opportunity for success through its excellent educational system.

Name Grades Type Rating
C. H. Price Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Interlachen Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Interlachen High School09 - 12Regular4
Q.I. Roberts Junior - Senior High School07 - 10Regular5
Name Grades Type Rating
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Lived in the area for 4 years. I still believe the area itself is high in its potential to be a wonderful place to live, but the people have got to be willing to  More

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Over 14 years ago

Interlachen is a historical town with a small population. Great place to retire or enjoy a slower pace of life. There has not been growth in sometime, however, the state  More

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