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Winthrop Charter School
6204 Scholars Hill Lane
Riverview, FL 33578
(813) 235-4811
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charter | K-8
County: Hillsborough


8/29/2012parentI'm glad to hear that some people are having a good experience here. For me, there was a lack of communication and no returning of emails/phone calls. I think communication will be different on a case by case basis with some teachers being good and others failing. Maybe once they are established in a few years, they will have a little more of a chance to shine. It can become very frustrating to be in the beginning phases of something. The FCAT score of C was unimpressive to me as well. Hopefully, we will see an improvement in this score for this year and a little more consistency with communication. I also only have seen the principal at the end of school party last year. Again, hoping for a great year this year.
7/23/2012parentMy daughter is a proud student of Winthrop! For the person earlier who said the principal is never available... I don't believe you. I had over 40 hours (in volunteer hours, we only needed 20) and I saw Mr. Johnson on a regular basis. The only time I had to call to speak to him, I was given his voicemail and had a return call in to me within 24 hours. He was at the parent/teacher co-op meetings and many of the other groups that met during the year. The school itself is wonderful. The not only met my expectations for academics, but far exceeded them. They are not afraid to "go out of the box" in teaching, which... IMO, is a bonus! My daughter learned so much more than her friends in other charter and public schools. The office staff is very nice and they are always willing to help out. The teachers that I have met have been beyond amazing and have really secured this school as one of the greatest. My daughter received weekly updates via a paper sent home and of course, you can check the online system everyday. There wasn't a day that we didn't know what to expect from her class. I am beyond thrilled to that my child is at Winthrop & I look forward to this upcoming year!
7/14/2012parentMy kids were in 4th and 6th grade here last year. I was really disappointed in the lack of involvement of the principal--I never saw him or talked to him once in the entire year which speaks volumes since I had to volunteer for 30 hours at the school. Even after leaving messages wishing to discuss curriculum, I never had a return phone call. This is not anything comparable to what my kids had in the Northeast. It feels more like a prison to me. One day when I volunteered for lunch duty, it was "silent lunch". Seriously, the kids don't have recess and don't have free time to just relax and then when they get to lunch, they can't even speak and relax and enjoy because they were "too loud" at lunch the day before. I would like to think the teachers would remember what it is like to be a kid since they all seem like they just graduated themselves. Then there was a 5th grade teacher screaming and humiliating students in the lunch room. It makes me wonder what goes on when no parents are there. I tend to overlook a lot of things b/c everyone has a bad day now and then, but my kids hate it here and are crying about going back. I wish I could find a better school in the area....
7/13/2012parentThis school is fairly new and seems to be good. If i had children, i would send them there. I have friends who children attend there and they love it.
7/13/2012parentMy son just finished first grade at Winthrop, and I'm very pleased wi his experience there. He made great academic gains in the areas he was weakest (language arts) and he felt very safe and secure there with the structured environment. His teacher was fresh out of college, and full of enthusiasm and dedication to her students. I am very impressed with the principal and assistant principal. I feel they have addressed issues that come up, and they have communicated with the parents. I really like the community feeling they create with events and requiring parent volunteering. Overall, I am pleased and expect the administration will continue to improve on the system next year.
7/12/2012parentWell, my child attends this school and I have to say that This school is great! Everyone is friendly and as for the uniforms, it is a requirement. Not an option! Everyone has a choice and You have a choice to decide where you attend! If you don't like following the rules, the this isn't the place for you. Children are provided a great education and our FCAT Scores speak volume. As far as their being any issues, that is not accurate and that information should be taken off. We have a learning community and my child loves Winthrop! The teachers are very friendly and they communicate all the time. My daughter had an issue with reading and immediately I was contacted and advised that she can atttend afterschool tutoring.
7/12/2012parentWhen my daughter did not get into the school we wanted her to get into through School Choice, I was panicked over what school I would send her to. Our neighborhood school was a joke; I needed a more organized and disciplined school. Winthrop Charter School was the answer to my prayers. The advanced curriculum and private school atmosphere is exactly what I was looking for in a school for my daughter. She has enjoyed coming to school at Winthrop every single day and has made leaps and bounds in her learning over the course of the school year. She can't wait to return to Winthrop as a First-Grader in the fall. As a parent, I feel completely comfortable sending my daughter to WCS because I know that she is getting a top-notch education in a safe and secure setting.

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