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Pineview Elementary School
2230 Lake Bradford Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 488-2819
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public | PK-5
County: Leon


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8/5/2010parentMy son went to this school for 3 years and was absolutly miserable there...and on top of that he had some trouble learning the material that he was recieving at school. I went to the teachers and asked if they could get him some extra help but none came. Eventually I went to the principle and he seemed to sweep our problems under the carpet. I got fustrated with not getting any help from this school. It is horrible. I would recommend trying to find another school for your child to go to ANY other school than Pineview.
6/5/2010parentWithout a doubt, this school is emblematic of the failure of the American public school system. For almost three years, my child would respond to the usual "How was school?" with "I don't want to talk about it." Everyday. He dreaded going to school. He has a speech/language disorder, but when we asked for the school to evaluate him, they didn't. Twice we asked, and twice nothing was done. Once a week he would be bringing home an accident report. While children can be clumsy, I think his high accident rate was due more to poor supervision than anything else. Further, school staff once put the wrong child in my car during parent pick-up, and acted incredulous when I said, "this isn't my child". My child is thriving at his new school - avoid tPineview at all costs. Homeschool, or look for charter options.
9/18/2009parentI like the school, because the principal is very supportive adn trying to do the best for the children, always waiting the parents to come and talk about their concerns. Our teacher is Ms Patterson and she is very nice with the children. Also want to mention the english support Ms Chang who does a great work with foreign language speaking children. Thank you all;)
9/18/2009parentGreat teachers and principal
9/17/2009parentIlove pineview because the teacher's care about the children in the classroom. whether your child is the brightest or the child who needs a little extra attention they will work with the parents to get the kids performing at a better level, I enjoy the way Mr. Igbinoba teaches his class to respect one another and has the children treat each other the way they want to be treated, Being a male teacher can be hard at times. my children are twenty years between the two and I really love the way pineview teacher want the children the become better than the year before.
7/8/2008parentI think that Pineview Elementary School is a wonderful school and have great teachers
7/14/2007staffSome teachers really try to reach these children, but others have given up. There are not enough resources at this school for students to learn in a conceptual manner (group work, hands-on). Everyone has resorted to rote memorization by handouts.
4/6/2007parentMy son attended Pineview for several years before moving to another city. He had both good and not-so-good teachers. The principal is level headed and honest. While I didn't always agree with all of her decisions, I respected that they were thoughtful and in the best interests of the children. The school could use more support from the community and parents. The PTA is woeful at best. My son is currently attending a magnet school and doing well. I didn't believe his education ended at homework. I asked questions to make sure he understood what was being taught. The library is awful and the media specialist is uninterested. The music teacher was encouraging as was the principal and other staff members. Although the neighborhood is not wealthy, the devotion of the principal and some of the staff help to make the school decent to good.
9/19/2006parentThis school is one of the worst I have seen, the neighborhood is scarey, it seems to be very caotic and unrefined. Through the year I couldnt tell if there was any progress at all with my child, its just terrible, children being left behind on the playground, some teachers and children using foul language. Stay away from this one!
4/17/2006parentThis school has much unrealized potential. Too many students who are not achieving at grade level have not taken advantage of the Saturday program. Some teachers want to do only what is required by the state. Students who are above grade level do not receive enough attention or appropriate work. The Media Center lacks books and imagination.The science program is limited. However, many teachers offer useful information outside the classroom. I would like to see better use of volunteers and student interns. I would also like to see the school develop a gifted student program. I would also like to see the parents teacher's association strive for more educational advances at the school--more working computers, better science equipment, better phsical educaton programs, etc. I rate this school average with the potential to be much more.
7/1/2005staffI volunteer at this school. I believe the administration and the teachers work very hard to educate the students.
10/21/2004parentI've been disatisfied from the start with my son's education at Pineview. I don't think the school is very safe -- several students have been allowed to wander around the grounds alone; my kindergartener was left behind on the playground one day. The teachers yell at the students, things like, 'Get your butt out of the hall,' which is not exactly the kind of thing I want my son to pick up. Last, I feel like the emphasis is on behavior rather than education. Students get treats for behaving rather than for learning. If your child is in the Pineview district and you have other options, pursue them.

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