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Lomax Magnet Elementary School
4207 N 26th St
Tampa, FL 33610
(813) 276-5569
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public | K-5
County: Hillsborough


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8/16/2012otherI am grateful for the Principal, Teachers and staff at Lomax, they take the time to personally know each child and their needs. They go above and beyond to make sure the child's education and safety are provided. I thank you!
7/27/2011parentMy daughter goes to this school and I like the Emphasis given to science and math. She did participate in experiments like Sun screen lotion effectiveness, growing plants, animal classifications etc. Teachers are science savvy and show students fun things that you can do. I have not seen any issues with security, mis-conduct, ethics etc.
5/15/2009parentMy daughter has gone to Lomax every since she started kindergarten. My child is in the 2nd grade now and is getting smarter and better with her reading and math. Lomax has also brought my daughter out of her quiet/shy shell. I love her 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Jones-Lang. She is wonderful and we need more teachers like her.
9/30/2008parentThis school is the best school I have ever enrolled my son into. My son's 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Jones-Lang has inspired my son to work harder and to slow down on his work. I think Mrs. Jones-Lang diserves an award for her effort in turning children around and making them better little people. Thank You Mrs. Jones-Lang. We love you....and Thank you to everyone else who also works hard to help children find the better person within themselves.
7/24/2008parentMrs. Roberts the school principal is wonderful and my son's 2nd grade teacher was the best teacher he has had since starting school. Mrs. Jones-Lang cared so much for her students. Mrs. Jones-Lang went above and beyond being a teacher, she was like the Mom. We love Lomax and are proud to have a child who attends there.
7/8/2008parentLomax was one of the best things that could of happened to my daughter! She just passed her first year at Lomax and she has improve inmensly. She went from almost failing in a school near by to passing w/ flying colors. She is very interactive w/ her assigments and it's always an adventure for both of us. The staff at Lomax is also so wonderful and treat our children w/ such professional care. My daughter as well as my self enjoy Lomax and look forward for the up coming year new advantures. Thanks Lomax
6/17/2008studentall the teacher`s there are awsome they are not nice there are not mean there just rite for every body!!!!the princapal is so wonderful and creative!!!
12/3/2007parentLomax is a great school!I think my child is getting the full benefit being at Lomax!She is really enjoying the cirrcumstances!
11/15/2007parentLomax Magnet Elementary is a 'hidden gem'. Don't be misled by the 'Great Schools' overall rating of 6 out of 10. My kids started here in 2002 when it reopened as a magnet school. We came from private school and couldn't have been more pleased, in spite of the fact that our neighborhood schools are among the best in the state. The demographics of this school population are 'real world', whereas my neighborhood schools are full of wealthy kids with little ethnic diversity. The life lesson of respecting everyone is part of this school's 'being' and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
9/19/2006parentMy daughter has been at Lomax for the past three years. She leaves for middle school next year, and she wishes that she could stay, and so do I. The leadership at the school is the best and the teachers are very knowledgeable about the course work. My daughter is constantly being challenged to be the best that she can be. Thanks Lomax.
9/19/2006parentLomax is a wonderful school. My daughter has been there for 2 years now and overall, she and I love it! Emylee has learned so much and daily tells me of the new things she encounters. The staff is also great (asst. Principal Roberts is the person this school needs kudos to her). Recently, I have had a few issues with school/parent communication, but I look forward to those kinks getting worked out.
4/11/2006parentThe academic program is excellent. There are many gifted teachers and students. It is a smaller school and much more personable. All the teachers are friendly and helpful. Everyone knows your child. It challenges your child more than a regular public school.
12/30/2005parentFantastic school! Great teachers, very parent involved. Education is more like going to a private school than a public one. Emphasis on math, science and technology. Only drawback is very long bus rides for many students, but my 10 year old has been there for four years and even with a hour and a half ride each way, he loves it and wouldn't change a thing.
12/30/2005parentLomax is a magnet school, but have not seen the difference compared to traditional schools. The art, music, and technology is basicly the same. They have a computer lab, but my daughter has told me they don't spend much time in the lab. The school seems to be just like any other elementary school and I don't think our child will be returning. We were looking for an academic program that would be challenging to her.
5/25/2004parentMy son came to Lomax as a fourth grader. He is moving on to middle school next year and I hate to see him change schools. The staff really made sure he was taught on the level needed. The staff there really and truly cares about each and every student. He has learned a lot from his teachers and all staff there. He has been shown care and compassion by all of the faculty during some rough family times. I will highly recommend this school to other students and I will also miss the awesome teachers my son has had.
4/26/2004parentLomax is a new magnet school focused on math, science and technology. The school population is diverse and the level of commitment from the teachers, administrators and support staff are remarkable. They really care about the well-being and educational development of all children and it shows. The PTA is active and many opportunities for parent involvement exist throughout the school year. I have two children in their second year at Lomax and they both love the learning environment.
8/26/2003parentI can not say enough wonderful things about Lomax! I have 3 children involved in three different magnet schools and Lomax is at the top of the list! The administration, teachers and students are all top notch! My son has required special attention this year and everyone involved has exceeded my highest expectations! If I had it to do over, each of my children would attend Lomax!
5/5/2003 My son is in the 4th grade at Lomax and I am just thrilled with the school. The teachers are on top of everything and do not hesitate to call if there is a problem. They greatly encourage parent participation in the classroom. I would highly reccomend this school to any student looking to advance is math, science and technology.

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