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Griffin High School
1617 W Poplar St
Griffin, GA 30224
(770) 229-3752
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public | 9-12
County: Spalding


  School Head OfficialYear
Keith Simmons2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/3/2011parentHonestly, I think Griffin High is a great school. We have amazing athletics, a superb chorus, and wonderful academics. My daughter is a freshman in the gifted classes and she is really enjoying her time at Griffin High. One of my sons recieved a full ride to college and got to study abroad at Oxford University in England from recieving a Griffin High education. Griffin High really is an amazing school.
8/18/2010parentIt is nice to be in the school where young boys and girls are dressed as they should be. There are still a few students that are trying to push the limits to see just a far they can go. The teachers really try to help in any way they can.
1/15/2010student it has its good points though you might not see it
9/8/2009parentAny school can be a good school as long as there is parental involvment. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure his/her child is receiving the best education possible. Griffin Hish School has gotten bad reviews due to lack of student and parental involvement. Conidering the number of students that are enrolled in the school, I think GHS is a good school. All schools have a need for improvement!
2/21/2009parenti dont enough is being done to get the kids ready for the next level like sat test and college especally for the athelets they make it to the playoffs but were are the schlorships.
10/25/2007parentI believe the teacher quality at this school is really what brings it to be excellent.
9/14/2007studentI don't really like Griffin High School because it is to strict and the hallways are completely wonky and all over the place when it should be how it was in middle school where I only had to go through one hall. Now I am going to like 6 different hallways. It's ridiculas. Not to mention, it is so old, students moms and dads and grandparents all went to the school too.
5/18/2007former studentIf you can avoid sending your child to this school, please do so. I'm an alumni of GHS and I have to tell you, there is nothing worth bragging about at that school. Kids outnumber staff by way too much, therefore children are lost in the shuffle. The curriculum is very limited and the teachers for the most part are burned out.
8/28/2005studentI'm a sophomore at Griffin and The academic area is great, the teachers get you fully involved at and makes it easier to understand and do the work. There are all sorts of things to do as far as extracurricularlly, the athletics are great the pep rallys get you crunk and it is fun. The parents are really involve and you can tell that they care abot their children rather it be acadmically or personally. The prinipal is doing everything he can to keep it under control which means the tolerance level is zero and the enforcement of obedience IS there. I love it and its real adaptable and has a lot of diversity.
4/11/2005studentGriffin high is a good school if your looking for something easy. Teachers arent very responsive and are to caught up as far as when you take test and quizzes that are important. They make it really easy to pass a class and not learn anything the whole year.
3/19/2005studentI'm a student at Griffin, and this is my freshman year. I love Griffin. It's diverse and well adaptable. The principal does everything he can to help the school excel. The teachers are great and make learning fun. The students make it fun, especially at pep rallys and assemblies. We also have great athletic departments.
2/17/2005former studentGriffin High Schools are very good. Og course no school may be perfect but Griffin has everyone involved and academics seem to no problem. Teachers are nice and qualified and the pep rally's are awesome. I moved to kentucky and personally think and KNOW that Griffin High School is better than this one!

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