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Moreland Road Elementary School
455 Moreland Rd
Griffin, GA 30224
(770) 229-3755
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public | PK-5
County: Spalding


  School Head OfficialYear
Stan Mangham2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/26/2010parentMy daughter started kindergarten this year and loves this school.
7/7/2009parentI am impressed by the schools overall cleanliness, and the halls decorated for various occasions. The office staff is extremely helpful. I've had great experiences with Dr. McClarian & Mrs. Dottie as my daughter teachers.
1/16/2009parentMoreland Road Elementary(MRE) has proven to be an outstanding school. My children came from a private school setting and have made a smooth transition from private to public school. Teachers and administrators have worked beyond the normal 8 hours to be sure that all children receive the education that will enable them to be successful in the future as they go to Middle,HIgh and post secondary school. Teachers are Highly Qualified and use differnt methods of instruction to ensure understanding. I would highly recommend MRE.
1/11/2009parentMoreland Road Elementary is an exceptional school! The administrators are extremely involved in the learning process and are dedicated to making MRE the best school in the county. The teachers are always going to extra lengths to provide quality instruction for every child. I have never seen so many amazing teachers under one roof! My child has had nothing but positive experiences at MRE and has learned so much in the year and a half she has attended there. This school is a happy and loving place that puts the students' needs first!
1/11/2009parentMy son has loved being at MRE for the past three years! All of his teachers have been wonderful. The principal is always thinking of what is best for the students. I know my son is getting a great education at MRE.
1/9/2009parentI am a parent of a first grade student at Moreland Road Elementary. I am very pleased with the educatiom he is getting. The administration and teachers work with the parents and students to assure a quality education. It is also a family environment which is something I look for. I love my son's teacher and he loves going to school. They definitely put 'children first'.
1/9/2009parentI believe that Moreland Road is the best in the county! My son has been attending since Pre-K and is now in second grade. His teachers have always pushed him to do his best and challenged him accordingly. I have another son that will begin Pre-K in one more year and I am exicited to see what new experiences befall him at that time. As far as administration goes.....Moreland has the best! You will not find anyone who loves and cares about the children and staff more than Mr. Mangham and Ms. Benjamin. Kudos to Moreland!!!
1/9/2009parent I have two children that attend Moreland Road Elem. They love coming to school. The teachers are wonderful, and my children have learned so much. I am very pleased with how the school is run by the principal and staff. As a parent I am very happy with Moreland Road Elem., and I know that my children are getting a great educational experience!
1/9/2009parentMoreland Road is on the cutting edge of standards based education. As a whole the staff works very hard to meet the needs of all types of learners. My chilren love it and they are growing academically which is what matters most to me as a parent.
1/9/2009parentAs a parent, I love Moreland Road Elementary School. My son has attended the school three years and loves it as well. He looks forward to coming to school everyday and feels at home there. I feel that he has had a personal realationship with each and every one of his teachers. The staff always goes out of their way to make my son and myself feel comfortable when we are in the building. When my son has struggled with new material, his teachers have gone the extra mile to make sure he understands before moving on to something new.
1/9/2009parentMoreland Road Elementary is an excellent school. My child is in the preK program and has thrived. He is exposed to a wide variety of academic subjects as well as social skill building. He is able to take a field trip at least once a month. The curriculum includes science which is so important for all students. He has exhibited an understanding of some subjects that pleasantly surprised me. Overall, the school provides a warm environment where all the teachers, staff, and administrators care about the students and want to help them succeed academically and socially.
1/9/2009parentMy son is in kindergarten this year at Moreland Road. Last year he was at a different school in Spalding County for Pre-K. There is no comparison between the two schools. Moreland Road has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my son's academic progress and really like the support I get as a parent from his teacher and the principal.
1/9/2009parentI have two children at Moreland Road Elementary and it is a wonderful school. The staff's dedication to the education and well being of the students is excellent. I am very pleased and could not choose a better school for my kids.
1/9/2009parentMoreland Road is a wonderful school. The atmosphere feels like a family. The administration gets to know each student and can call them by name. The teachers are very dedicated to the education and well being of their students. My chidren love school and feel at home there. I feel they are challenged and nurtured to be the best they can be.
11/2/2008teacherAs far as elementary schools go, Moreland Road is one of the best I've seen so far. I've taught at schools in other states and the parents, teachers, staff, and students just do not know how lucky they are to be a part of the Moreland Road family. I am so glad that I am able to teach at this school.
1/12/2008parentThere needs to more programs for children who are extremely advanced. Teachers need to grade and test according to each child instead of as a group or as if they are all on the same level. Teachers should test each child at the beginning of each school year to decide on what level the child is on. There should be an art class. I feel like my child is being held back because she is not being taught at her level, she is being taught on the same level as all other kindergartners when she is on a first grade level in math and reading. Alll schools are quick to hold a child back but none are willing to boost one up.
10/4/2007parentThe school is beautiful, and raising money is a very big goal for them. They have some really great teachers, but they are only allowed (financially) to do so much.
10/1/2007parentThe school itself is beautiful. I have no other alternatives in the area; except to move. I would if I could. I feel the children's education is not their number one priority as it should be.
9/19/2006parentMoreland Road Elem. is a great school except that they don't offer Art Class to any of their students and as far as creativity that part of the brain is not as well exercised as it can be by just providing Art Class as an elective.

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