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Cambridge School of Chicago
1014 East 47th Street
Chicago, IL 60653
(773) 924-1200
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private | PK-8
County: Cook


  School Head OfficialYear
Derek M Barber2012
4/26/2012parentWe could not be more pleased with the experience our child is having at Cambridge. The teachers at Cambridge are outstanding. They are passionate about education and committed to their students growth and development. Our daughter is in pre-k. At the start of the year she was two years old and already very bright. However, we have watched her grow leaps and bounds. Academically, she has begun reading and she can write her first and last name. She has also been introduced to basic concepts in math and science and recently presented her first science project. Spiritually, she can recite several passages of scripture by heart including the whole 23 Psalm. She asks to pray (or to be prayed for) regularly and and she has begun to understand who Jesus is and what it means to be a believer. Socially, she has learned how to share and how to respect her classmates.Additionally, she is able to give presentations in front of her peers with confidence. Emotionally, she has grown in her ability to express how she is feeling with words and we have seen far fewer emotional melt downs. We highly recommended Cambridge to anyone who desires a first class education for their child.
3/1/2012parentI recently attended the African Heritage Program at Cambridge and was blown away at how articulate these students are in their speech, how disciplined they are in their manners, and how respectful they are toward one another and their teachers. Aside from that, the program was a fantastic display of their artistic talents in dance. The school community appears to be close-knit and like a family. They have so many programs for the students. While I don't presently have a child at the school, I will next year. I have not seen other schools with such excellence on display. They truly are a gift to Chicago!
2/16/2012parentI am a founding parent of the school and very happy with the attention my daughter gets from her teachers and staff at the Cambridge school. The Individualized learning plan is a what sold me on the school. I think children should be taught to think out of the box thats what they do at Cambridge. I like the small class size and that I have every teachers phone number in case we need help with home work.
2/6/2012parentMy child has attended this school since 2005 and beyond the strong academic excellence that he has received, his moral conduct is exceptional. I love how they teach students responsibility, integrity, and honor. They learn to appreciate the arts, all cultures, and, using an experienced-based classroom environment, children learn through actively being engaged in the process. They do projects, have individual learning plans to help every child achieve his maximum potential, and parents work in strong community. The school proves itself by having the students compete in external competitions. They have won in spelling, science, math, basketball, football, track&field and cheerleading. The only negative comment I have is that the school needs to provide a parent portal on their web site. That would be a great enhancement. Otherwise, I absolutely love this school and its faculty.
2/3/2012parentThere's so much to love about Cambridge I don't know where to begin! My family has truly been blessed to have a school that offers all that we desire for our son. My only regret is that the school was not founded back when my older son was elementary age. Teachers who love to teach, are innovative in their instuction methods and nurture & encourage each child to reach their potential using individual learning plans developed for each child. We have seen spiritual growth and academic achievement increase each year my son has attended (5 years so far). The required parent involvement doesn't feel like a directive - I often find myself thinking "what else can I do to assist or be inovlved in?" and parents are welcome at all times, not by appointment like some other schools. I could go on & on....Cambridge is truly a hidden gem on 47th St!
1/31/2012parentI am so happy my child attends The Cambridge School. The academic curriculum is awesome. All the students are two years ahead of themselves. I like the individual learning plans and like the fact the my child is challenged and enjoys going to school. The school is a family environment with small classes. Cambridge has made adlministrative changes that I believe will continue to allow the school to be successful. Tours of the school are offered daily.
11/9/2011parentI have a child currently enrolled at the Cambridge School of Chicago. Academically, the curriculum is awesome. The children are taught a grade or two above level. In addition, each child has an individual learning plan that is adhered to throughout the school year. There is also an afterschool program that offers an array of programs, be it athletic, tutoring, and various clubs. In addition, parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 2hrs a month. Thereby taking an active role in the school and their child's education. We find the teachers are passionate about their work and teach out of love and not just to earn a check. Administratively, the school could use a little work. and they are aware of this and currently working toward improving the administrative processes. If you can get past that, you'll find Cambridge to be a great place to educate your child.
7/30/2011parentMy daughter just completed PK4 at this school and our family is very pleased with how Cambridge (not just her teachers or classmates, the whole school) nurtured her and helped her blossom. excellent class sizes, dedicated teachers and staff. I highly recommend this school and cannot wait to send our son.
8/23/2010parent At first I was attracted to the school because they seemed to have a new young staff that I thought would be open to thinking outside the box academically. But that quickly turned into a negative when I saw how disorganized and inconsistent their teaching was; they could benefit from more experienced staffing.
1/27/2010parentI am a parent of the Cambridge School of Chicago and my son is in the 7th grade and I am so impressed with the hands on curriculum and classical education. Cambridge has exceeded my expectations
1/2/2010parentMy daughter loves the school. I enjoy the small class size which allows my daughter to get the personal attention she needs. The environment is very loving and supportive from the staff, students and parents. I am aware at all times what area my daughter needs to work on as well as what she is good in. When it comes to the parent teacher conference there are no surprises.
10/24/2009parentThis is my daughters second year at cambridge and would suggest to any parent who enjoys being an active part of their childs education enroll here. The school tries very hard, but just as anything else you get what you put in. very caring supportive, safe, loving envirment. this student breakdown says 100% white student body is a mistake its black.

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