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Stone Elementary Scholastic Academy
6239 North Leavitt Street
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 534-2045
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public | K-8
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Barbara Louise Onofrio2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/18/2011otherPreviously attending this school, I found that it was great. Unfortunately staff switched. Teachers got put into classes that wasn't their forte, thus degrading the learning experience. Gym was everyone's escape, but we were only offered this two to three times a week, much too little compared to the standard of 45 minutes of exercise per DAY. The school has it's highs and lows, but all in all, it's a good school to go to.
3/18/2011parentMy children have attended this school since 2002. The teachers are good but there is no recess for grades 4 through 8th grade. There is also no lunchroom so the children eat there lunch at their desks. They are not allow to move around at this time. There is gym once a week but other than that, the children do not move the entire day. The principal claims there is no time for recess but schools with the exact same day as Stone have recess: Hawthorne, Courtenay, Decatur, Rogers Park are all examples. Also, in the all important 7th grade (7th grade determines what selective enrollment High School they can go to) they have added two programs: "friends" which was about abusive relationships and "Heart" which I have no idea what it is. The school has refused to tell me what these programs are or how many minutes in the week are being taken by these programs. Last year I requested the distribution of minutes, the 7th grade teacher said sure. After 5 emails, 6 phone calls downtown, a meeting with the principal in which she bullied me and tried to give me the CPS distribution of minutes from 1988, I still didn't get them. I filed a FOIA request and received them a month later.
10/18/2010parentGreat teachers and programs. Love the librarian Madame Esme!!
6/12/2010otherStone is a great school! The teachers do not slack off when it comes to helping students with work they do not understand. Also,As a former student in the special ed. program,I can say that the school does NOT let their students slack off and use their disability as a crutch. The english/reading prgram in the upoper grades actually makes reading shakesperae FUN. The teachers are imaginative and open-minded,and the topic that we learn and talk about are current and help us see other's point of view. The fine arts program at this school is though the roof,and it gave me tons of options and opened new dorrs for me. Actually,the arts teachers encouraged me so much that i am now going into the vocal music program at Lincoln park. I would DEFIANTLY send my child to this school.
5/17/2010parentStone is a school where teachers care about their students and the administration knows each child, but best of all it has a community of parents that pushes for changes that benefit the children.
5/15/2010parentStone is committed to its students academic, social and emotional growth. The school's diversity is not only valued but celebrated and used as a teaching tool to create strong future leaders.
5/15/2010parentIt's a school of great diversity and caring. No child goes unnoticed. The pricipal's door is always open, unless she's in a closed-door meeting. And from the first day I encountered it, there's a sense of organized chaos.
4/26/2010parenti Think This School Has Very Good Kids . They Are very Protective About their Students.
4/16/2010parentWe are new to Stone this year and so far I am really pleased. The leadership is superb -- present, hands on, deeply committed. The community is strong. The large gatherings at school events are warm, celebratory, and really positive. There is a great vibe in the school and schoolyard. And inspiring diversity. I think the success in the classroom depends on how the teachers handle differentiated instruction with the kids being at such different places in their academic development. That variable is true everywhere. My child is loving school. I'm grateful for that.
3/1/2010parentThe amount of material covered in Stone's 'short day' gets less and less as the kids get older. 4th and 5th grade teachers complained at the beginning of 2009-2010 that their students didn't know their multiplication tables.
2/27/2010parentWe have a first grader at Stone and have been thrilled with our Stone experience thus far. The Principal and Vice Principal are outstanding and work very well as a team. I can't think of a time that I have been on campus when either the Prin of VP was not present...connecting with students and or parents. The student body is polite and involved in making Stone a great environment for learning and growth. We are amazed at how much our child is learning and the amount of material the teachers are able to cover in a pretty short day. There is also a great Indiana University student teacher program from which a terrific number of bright soon-to-be teachers are working with Stone teachers and students...these student teachers live and participate in the Stone community and bring a great deal of knowledge and excitement to the learning experience.
9/16/2009parentThe teachers are great and the principle is outstanding! It is a very diverse school that reflects the demographics of our neighborhood. The students come from a huge range of social and economic backgrounds and they are among the brightest in the state.
5/10/2009studentI am a student at Stone Academy. I've been here since almost kindergarten, and I have to say this is a really nice school. I am currently an eight grader at stone. I'll be leaving for high school, and so far my experiences at Stone have been excellent. The teachers are really nice and supportive. If you are in seventh or eight grade, prepare for TONS of homework! But the school gives us a chanlegge, and I like that.(:
4/26/2009parentMy son is going to be leaving Stone for Decatur but I have to give Stone major credit. The only reason I'm transferring him is that I think he can keep up with an even faster-paced academic program. Yet before he started Stone, he scored in the 92nd percentile, and since he's been at Stone he has scored in the 98th in achievement tests. I don't think this is a coincedence. I believe its because Stone's teachers are great. The parents are nice, as well. I always cry at the school assemblies, they are very multi-cultural, and focus on all kids being good citizens. The carnival organized by the pta was so fun, the games were very creative. And the staff is excellent. I know people who have gotten into Stone, actually sold their house in another neighborhood, and moved to be near Stone. No lie!
2/12/2009studentHi. I am a student at stone in 7th grade. I just got here last year, so I am not familiar with other experiances except for that my years at Stone have been awesome. I have made new friends, gotten a more challenging, but reasonable, learning experiance and I have great teachers. Now, Stone has a great higher academics program for accelerated children. This will help nurture the level of academics for every children. If any student ever needs help, the teachers are always willing to help. My old school was not very challenging at all. When I came to Stone, it was a big leap, but my 3 teachers helped me with every challenging subject. Even though it is a lottery school, it is still a great place for learning.
12/24/2008parentI disagree with parent that said they are always yelling at the kids. Stone is very traditional in discipline, and CPS has always had a history classroom management getting in the way of actual instruction. They do not overly discipline children at Stone, but you can be sure that disruptions are not allowed to get in the way of learning. I am glad my child goes to school where the teachers are still in control of the classroom. Hip Hip Horray for good old education and discipline!
12/22/2008parentMy child is in kindergarten at Stone and I have been happy with the school so far. The only negatives to the school that I see are the large class sizes (31 kids in each kindergarten class!) and the lack of communication from the teacher as to what is going on in the classroom from week to week. Still, I love the diversity and the kids seem happy.
11/18/2008parentI disagree with the previous review. I have found the staff and teachers at Stone to be warm, understanding and inclusive. This school has also embraced the CPS wellness policy and has substituted food rewards for activity rewards for children in the classrooms. Being a pure lottery magnet school Stone's student are of various abilities and the school meets all of their needs- - I love that my child is friends with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Anyone who gets in here is lucky !
11/13/2008parentStone is a good school in many ways, and the teachers seem very strong academically, but I have a few concerns. The staff/teachers are always yelling at the kids, and have a really militaristic approach to discipline. Even the kindergardeners get yelled at constantly. Also there seems to be a large gap between the PTA and school faculty on health/nutrition issues that is starting to change this year with a No Candy policy pushed by the PTA, but last year the teachers handed out candy as rewards to the kindergarteners and even the principal pushed the candy envelope by dressing up as an M & M for Haloween, which seemed kind of ignorant. At least that is changing. Another problem is that the principal has this dismissive attitude toward parents which doesn't go over very well with a lot of us.
4/29/2008parentI have a kindergartner at this school who will be soon moving on to first grade. We feel so lucky to have our child in this school. The racial diversity is awesome. The PTA is very active and involved. The afterschool programs are great (Tap dancing, Judo, Chess, Abrakadoodle art classes etc.). The principal is very friendly and oh-so approachable. The vice-principal and principal make a good team. The administrative staff is wonderful and always ready to help. The school has a dress code which I like as this keeps fashion competition at bay and helps kids concentrate more on academics than on what to wear to school the next day. My kindergartner started reading within a couple months of joining school. However, I wish the teacher was more communicative about what is being taught in class as I cannot always rely on a 6 year old to tell me everything.
8/8/2007parentOur daughter is just about to begin 1st grade at Stone. Last year she had a wonderful teacher who not only recognized the importance of academics but also understood the importance of forming friendships that helped our 5-year-old see learning as a fun and school a comfortable place to go. Stone's administration, teachers, and parents demonstrated a belief in a community that fosters every child and family benefit from and contribute to the learning experience.
7/29/2007parentStone Academy really is a wonderful school. The parents as well as the teachers and the administration really have a great communication with one another. I love the diversity of the school and Mrs. Nakamura really is a fantastic principal. She makes herself very approachable and is always willing to listen. They recently lost a great music teacher and whomever is asked to step in really has some big shoes to fill.
5/24/2007parentI think Stone Academy is a great school that has proven records and my experience has shown that Stone adequately prepares and equip its students to handle higher educational levels. I have two great products of Stone. I also have two more that are going through the Stone system. It is my hope that Stone remains top class with the same dedication and that my two kids would benefit as much as the first two who are examples of Stone greatness. I have had concerns with some of the teachers/ styles, but they all work with us. Most of the teachers are fantastic and that leads to the great results we see in our children. Please keep up the good work and we will keep working with you. Thank you. The School Principal was made for Stone and Stone is lucky to have her.
5/10/2006parentStone Academy is a quality school with a diverse student population. The administration and staff work to maintain high education statndards to ensure the education of all their students.
3/24/2006parentIn general, an excellent school, with a nurturing, fun environment. Teachers and staff are unfailingly polite to, and respectful of, the kids. The attention to arts and music is excellent. Parental involvement is fairly high, and volunteering is gratefully accepted. Academic programs are strong, but for kids who need acceleration, not much is available in the primary grades. They do a great job of addressing the kids working at or below grade level, but the high achievers are congratulated but not provided with enough additional stimulation.
3/5/2006parentLike most magnet (limited enrollment) schools in Chicago, Stone has good overall test scores. One of the things that makes Stone unusual, however, is the diversity of the student body. Although the school is located in an area of the with many Indian and Pakistani immigrant, children from those cultures only comprise about a quarter of the student population. The rest of the students are african american, caucasian, and latino, in roughly equal proportions. Another remarkable feature of the school is both the level of parental involvement and the quality of the participants. The Local School Council, the school governing board, works closely with the PTA, and a number of enrichment programs are financed through fundraisers. Despite the a few problems typical of public school bureaucracy (inflexible curriculum, overemphasis on order at the price of creativity), Stone is a fine choice for parent committed to public education.
2/15/2005parentI have always had a very good experience with the staff at Stone. All 3 of my children attended Stone for grammer school. My oldest daughter went on to Lane Tech for H.S. after she graduated from Stone. I am escpecially impressed with the principle as she sets a fine example for the entire school to follow.
5/15/2004parentIf you want a diverse school--this is it! The school is completely racially balanced and among the families there are 40 different languages spoken at home! The scores among all the different racial and ethnic groups are good too--this is a school were everyone really does strive to 'leave no child behind.' Great music and arts program.

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