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Fred H Croninger Elementary School
6700 Trier Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
(260) 467-6050
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public | K-5
County: Allen


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms Rebecca Dennis2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/11/2012parentMy children have been at Croninger for 2 years. I had heard really great things but haven't been very impressed. The students in general are not very nice or friendly. My children have not been happy at Croninger, they liked their last school much better. The teachers are fine and some are very nice. The office staff including the principal is great.
10/8/2009parentTeachers and staff are wonderful and looks out for our kids
9/29/2009parentI love Fred H. Croninger Elementary School. I have 5 children and this will be our 14th year at the school. The teachers and staff at Croninger are outstanding. They really care about the children. They have a top notch communications room and tv studio right in the school. All classes get to take Spanish. The teachers love the parental support they receive. It is just a wonderful school.
9/21/2009parentThis is a great school with very caring teachers, a great criculum, and great parent envolvment.
9/21/2009parentMy grandchildren go Croninger Elementary in FWCS. The teachers there are very strong and make school fun. I am retired after 39 yrs in a public school corporation in an area that has beautiful schools and environment. FWCS does not have that luxery. Class sizes are big, schools are old and need improvements (no air conditioning, small classrooms, cafe/gym same room, poor teacher work room, etc). Teachers and parents work well together and work hard to do the extra things that make Croninger special. I am proud that my grandchildren go to Croninger Elementary.
9/21/2009parentWe love Croninger! The kids, parents and teachers are the BEST!
9/21/2009parentWe love Ms. Sproat and Mrs. Fugate!! Best teacher's ever!
9/20/2009parentCroninger is a wonderful school, in which we have had 3 children attend since kindergarten, 2 of which are still enrolled there. We have had wonderful teachers that have brought strengths in our children that we didn't know existed. We are blessed to be able to work with the teachers and administration in making it the best school for our children. The parent involvement at Croninger is unbelievable!
9/19/2009parentCroninger has the best teachers and staff! Croninger is a four star school and produces awesome students!
9/18/2009parentI have three children who have attended Croninger Elementary. This school is amazing how they can balance a Four Star education with their Communication Focus. They learn spanish, write newspapers, publish books, perform a Lip Sync show on a real stage in the community, broadcast the schools news program, and more. The teachers and other staff at Croninger are very dedicated to children and it shows. I am so blessed that my children attend and have attended Croninger Elementary. Fondly, Shelly Merz
9/17/2009parentCroninger's faculty and staff truly care about each of the students that attend school there! We couldn't have picked a better school for our daughter to attend. The focus on communications is a huge bonus. We envision leaders of tomorrow based on the skills Croninger is instilling today.
9/17/2009parentIt's a great school with high expectations and standards. Everyone works very hard to make sure each child succeeds! There are many opportunities for parents to get involved, and it's encouraged.
9/17/2009parentThe teachers are so focused on getting parents involved! Loved every minute of my childs time there!
9/16/2009parentMy family and I love Croninger because of the awesome faculity/staff along with all the extra activities that the students/parents are involved in...this school is wonderful!!
9/15/2009parentThe first years of a childs education can make such a difference! My daughter just started kindergarten and she loves school. She bounces out of bed every morning with such excitement to learn and grow. The first few days were stressful for her but due to the incredible administrative staff and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Hoffman, all turned out well.
9/14/2009parentEverything is top notch about our school! Our teachers put so much effort into their jobs and yo ucan tell they really love thier jobs! The students are so sweet, smart, and caring. Our parents volunteer, care , and give back to the school. We have it all!
9/14/2009parentMy goodness, the staff and facility are always so nice and ready to welcome you with open arms. The students are getting the best education possible and they always come home smiling cause they not only learned that day. They were also praised, uplifted and believed in. Thanks Croninger Staff, you're the best!
9/14/2009parentCroninger Elementary is a 4 Star School! WE HAVE THE BEST TEACHERS! Love to Mrs. Hewitt :)
12/17/2008parentMy daughter has attended Croninger since she was in kindergarten. She is now in fifth grade. I am on this website now to find a school that will give her the same educational, extracurricular and empowering environment that she has had at Croninger. I can't wait until my 3 year old is old enough to attend!
11/18/2008parentMy daughter is in first grade at Croninger. I love so much about this school. I feel like my daughter is learning so much more compared to some of my friends' children that go to different schools. Not to mention the extensive opportunities for parent involvement. Another aspect that I find amazing is the communication between the school and parents. Great school!
10/1/2008parentMy kids are now in first grade at Croninger. It's amazing to see how much they have learned in a short time. I didn't read like they do until I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. The teachers are very caring and responsive to any concerns. We were wary of the 'big city' schools but are impressed with this 4 star school.
9/15/2008parentThis is my daughter's second year at Croninger. I am still amazed at how great the school is. We feel very lucky to have our daughter picked from the lottery to go there! The communication between the staff and parents has been excellent and I have always felt welcome to be at the school at any time. My daughter can happily walk down the halls and wave to any of the staff, and they always say hello back and make her feel special. Bravo to the everyone at the school for doing a wonderful job!
7/16/2008parentAfter four years of my son attending, Croninger's teachers and staff still amaze me with the way they love my kids and their classmates. Each year the next teacher seems even more outstanding then the last. The parental involvement is high. The enthusiasm is almost palpable. Mrs. Dennis, the principle, came in this past year after a difficult situation but the transition from the childrens point of view was flawless. I feel my children are getting the best education at this great school.
6/15/2008parentMy daughter has gone to Croninger for two years and she loves it. I love it too! I am amazed at how well they communicate with parents, and how involved the teachers are in assuring each child's success. They are the only 4 star school in Fort Wayne Community, and if you know any student who goes there, you will know why!
10/12/2007parentMy children just started kindergaten and they love this school. They have adjusted well to all day kindergarten.
2/21/2007parentWe're in our first year at Croninger, and while we've had some bumpy roads, overall it's been great! My son is learning a lot and enjoys school. Principal Powers is wonderful and responsive to situations when they arise. We can't wait to see what lies ahead in my son's academic career at Croninger!
7/11/2004parentCroniger is an excellent school. My daughter really excelled in kindergarten with the help of her teacher.

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