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Love of Learning Montessori School
9151 Rumsey Rd. Ste 100
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 715-9600
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private | PK-6
County: Howard


  School Head OfficialYear
Awilda Torres2011
1/31/2012parentAs a parent of 3 children, I have experienced one other local Montessori school for pre-school and the highly-regarded public elementary school for kindergarden and first grade. I have to say that Love of Learning far exceeds all the other learning environments, both academically and socially. The teachers seem to know exactly how to inspire my children to perform at their fullest potential, the foreign language program that begins at age 3 is truly remarkable and the entire community is diverse and international. You won't find a more nurturing, well-rounded, dynamic and professional environment for children to thrive and succeed. Lastly, if you compare this school to other private schools with the same high academic standards, then the tuition is a great deal.
2/16/2011parentA Great School for Developing Children and Leaders. My children have had the opportunity to experience Love of Learning since they were 18 months old. They are Elementary school students at the school now and I couldn't be more pleased about their growth and development. I believe that they are academically advanced (don't all of us parents) and that goes without saying, but more importantly the think their Love of Learning experience developed them as well rounded, thoughtful, kind and caring leaders. It is evident in school, but it really stands out when they are placed in peer environments and extra-curricular activities outside of school. Time and time again, people tell me what great leaders my children are. I appreciate that the school environment has provided numerous opportunities for them to be lead and to lead with style and grace. The fun part for me is that they don't even realize that they are great leaders yet. It's just the way they are. The administration has always been more than supportive and bends over backwards to meet the needs of the students first and the parents.
2/16/2011parentAs a parent who enjoys attending Open Houses for schools in the area, including all the other Montessori schools, I believe that Love of Learning has a good quality program. They have better equipped classrooms with high quality materials and have trained teachers in each classroom; with each of the teachers in the classroom are trained at the level they teach. As a parent of children who have attended other Montessori schools, I think Love of Learning meets all of my expectations academically. I like the community that the teachers and parents create and that my daughters are exposed to. I also feel that Love of Learning is not priced out of the range of other quality private schools in the Metropolitan area.
2/16/2011parent Despite the fact that we live in Howard county and have access to some of the best schools in the nation, I think that that Love of Learning is a great value and well worth the money. We are glad to be a part of the Love of Learning family.
8/10/2010parentI would NOT recommend this school. My child's teacher didn't acknowledge bullying in the classroom and did not ensure the welfare of the students. The elementary levels are based more on a cram-school schedule instead of any Montessori principles. Finally, the cost is more than double the national average for a private Montessori education and the result does not warrant the money spent.
5/21/2010parentThe school is a very family friendly environment. Both my children have gained so much and grown academically. I respect the schools adherance to the philosophy while assuring a TOP NOTCH education to the children. I am extremely happy with our children progress and look forward to continue through the 6th grade.
2/23/2010parentLOLMS is a strict Montessori environment. Be sure to understand the Montessori Method before sending your child to LOLMS. All teachers are college educated and certified Montessori Instructors. LOLMS is expensive but worth the price. The school is a very family friendly environment. All the of the teachers and staff know my son and myself by name. His teachers and I have great communication. I receive constant communication via email and toddler blog. I especially love that my son is being taught a foreign language. I am extremely happy with my son's progress and he will be attending LOLMS through 6th grade.
1/5/2010parentLove of Learning Montessori has many faults including poor administration, rigid interpretation of the montessori concept leaving no room for teaching flexibility, and sub-par teachers who observe rather than teach. The school is very expensive for the poor quality of education that it provides. In some instances, the school is twice as expensive as its competitors. If you are considering sending your child to this school, insist on making a couple of observation visits, and inquire about your ability to drop in to observe your children in the classroom after you have enrolled your child/children. They frown upon this request. Beware of schools that have such closed door policies!
10/5/2009parentAlthough this school is pricey, we have found that it teaches invaluable lessons that no other school in Howard County teaches, such as manners and grace. Our daughter knows to be respectful to her elders, and that is something most kids today are lacking. We have looked at over 15 schools in the area, even tried out a Goddard, and this beats them all hands-down. Plus, the emphasis on diversity is priceless. We live in a global envt., and there is so much learn from each other. My husband and I didn't find any form of diversity that matches what LOL has.
9/9/2009parentThe most wonderful place for your child to be if they can't be with you. The staff and owners are tremendously invested in the well being and acedemic success of all the children here. There is not enough good things I can say about this school, it's just wonderful. Both my sons went here through kindergarten and both were extremely happy and learned so much here.
2/13/2009parentGreat, great school! We have 2 children enrolled and 3rd on his way. We have been with the school for 3 years and we love the education our children are recieving. We could not imagine to have them enrolled into a different school.
1/15/2009parentHit or miss on teachers - high teacher turnover. Pricing is extremely high - not even close to the market pricing. Facility is very nice and that seems to be what you're paying for. The staff is largely spanish and program is 1/2 spanish 1/2 english - not good for young kids learning fundamentals. Also, weak in math.
10/7/2008parentWonderful teachers with loving hearts. I am very happy for the years my daughter has spent there.
4/21/2008parentThe school is waaaayyyy too expensive for what you get and the principal is unaccomodating. The price is even going up and the class sizes approach 30. This school is nice but certainly not worth the price!
7/30/2006parentMy son spent 4 years at LOL and they were wonderful. My daughter just completed her first year there. We have become friends with many other LOL parents and find the overall atmosphere friendly and cordial. Like all schools, some teachers and administrators are better than others, but LOL weeds out the weak teachers over time. My son has had a wonderful experience and it has prepared him superbly for entry to 1st grade. His math, reading, art, and science skills are astounding. I cannot say enough good things about LOL...highly recommended.
4/3/2006parentThe primary program has a few master teachers. This is where the staff children end up. If you are fortunate enough to land in one of those classes you will rave about your child's education for the next 30 years. The elementary program is small. It adjusts each year as the teachers aim to optimize the program. The downside is that parents are not included in the change process. I agree with the previous review that children who are different have a hard time fitting in. Parents talk about certain children even at birthday parties making some kids outcasts.
6/17/2005parentThe school have a strong reading and spanish program but weak in math. The class room size is small. I found that the school have some good teachers and others were not. The school is not for all types of children especially if your child is a different learners. They are not prepared to work with or teach them. There was not room for modification to accomodate. There were even some teachers that call my child 'bad' and told other children not to socialize with him.

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