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Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
459 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 2138
(617) 349-6632
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public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Middlesex


  School Head OfficialYear
Chris Saheed2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/13/2012studentAs a graduate of CRLS and a current college student, I am still realizing the importance of my high school education in my life. I had a fabulous experience at CRLS and would highly recommend the school to anyone considering it, however I understand the school to be whatever the student decides to make of it. If one wants to slip by with poor grades and graduate, it's pretty easy to do that. However, if one wants to excel in their studies and activities to go on to prepare for a college experience, CRLS caters to you as well. Many of my close friends from CRLS went on to study at Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Brown. All of them felt well prepared for the course work they experienced there. With a variety of CP, honors and AP courses, CRLS teaches to a wide variety of students with varying levels of academic motivations and backgrounds. However, CRLS can give students more than preparation for college, it gives them an invaluable experience with a diverse group of students, which is something that many students I've met at my college missed out on. This was the single most important thing I received from CRLS.
3/30/2011parent I have had two daughters graduate from CRLS. One in 2005, the other last year (2009). I can honestly say that they received an amazing education academically and socially. I have nothing but praise for their guidance counselors, teachers and administrators. Teachers are talented and dedicated to reaching all students. Academic standards are high and students of all levels of ability can get the support they need to reach higher. There are many resources available. Much outreach is made to parents, if they care to be informed and involved there are many opportunities to do so. Teachers provide email and even phone numbers in some cases to facilitate communication with students and families. The diverse nature of the student body is celebrated. My daughters were incredibly well equipped to navigate college life and the world because they were exposed to so many students of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. A huge educational advantage in itself. Don't let people who really no nothing about this amazing high school scare you away. We are have a real gem of a high school. And I heard this sentiment as well from college admissions people. They like kids from CRLS!!
9/12/2009parentTrue, the school has lots of programs to meet the interest and needs of students, for the most part. It is a relatively safe place for students. However, some of the teachers are not dedicated and have little interest in students' success. Some teachers don't provide parents with feedback so struggling students could be helped before it is too late. Some teachers waste class time telling their life stories. Some guidance counselors don't even respond to emails from parents or students and one wonders why and how they got the job.
6/5/2009studentAs a graduate of CRLS, I can say that CRLS has been a great experience for me. Yes, the administration is not great and the teachers may be a hit or miss but these problems come with every public school. The special thing about CRLS is the diversity-diversity of clubs, extracur, students and faculty. At CRLS, you can take Harvard undergrad courses and Harvard extension school courses for free! You can be part of an award winning theater department (probably better than many college theater departments) take photography classes, ceramic classes, be part of an amazing dance company and all these opportunities are available for every student-you just have to take the initiative. CRLS is a place for go getters, students who crave knowledge and experience, want to learn. If you take advantage of all the opportunities, I guarantee your child will get into top 10 colleges in the country.
3/21/2009parentTeachers are good in geberal. However, the administration was subjective on their comments and allegations to students.
2/17/2009parentCRLS is not good for 9th and 10th grade girls with self esteem issues. Very scary place.
9/19/2008parentFirst, let me say something good about CRLS. There are many different kinds of kids there and they all get along well. My child transfered there as a sophomore this year and always feels safe and comfortable. On the negative side, my child comes home regularly complaining that teachers spend class time teaching their views on politics and social policy rather than on the core subject (english and history). She gets very frustrated by the time lost to this and feels it's unfair and inappropriate.
8/26/2008studentI personally think that the rating this school got is not suitable at all. CRLS is an opportunity school. The school has over 100 clubs and there is a club that suits everyone. Diversity is a huge component on why this school is so great. CRLS is a take it or leave it opportunity school so you either take advantage of the great programs or you coast through the highschool with mediocre grades.
6/25/2008parentCRLS offers everything any student or parent could ask for. The admistrators and faculty are top notch. Any interest your child has they have a program for them to participate in. And while the study body is large that only gives each child more opportunities to find thier own knitch and meet new and interesting people

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