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West Ottawa High School Campus
3685 Butternut Dr
Holland, MI 49424
(616) 994-5000
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public | 9-12
County: Ottawa


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Kent Henson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/9/2012otherI wish that I could give this school a higher rating because the teaching staff is incredible and I really like the wide range of classes that the students can take. If not for the administration of West Ottawa High School, I would have given the school a higher rating. The administration shows more interest in expelling children than educating them. The administrators for West Ottawa High School lack the ability to communicate effectively with the families of the children enrolled. The vice principals barely know the children that are assigned to them and sometimes they don't know the students at all. Their secretaries are much more familiar with the kids and the secretaries are great with keeping the lines of communication open. Sadly though, not even great teachers, secretaries and great programs are enough to compensate for the complete failure of the principals and vice principals. If the school had administrators that placed educating children ahead of policing the children, then the school would have a much higher rating from me.
2/25/2011parentI regret my children ever attended west ottawa public schools. In my opinion, west ottawa schools lack the effort to teach students mathematics that can only come from hard work. In addition, it is also my opinion that west ottawa schools do not respect parents, especially divorced parents.
4/21/2010studentI've attended West Ottawa for quite awhile and I absolutely love it! The Education is amazing, the teachers are really supporting, the staff is friendly, and the enviroment is nice to work in, especially knowing that not everyone looks the same. They have a lot of classes to fit everyone's educational needs, and majority of the students are friendly. It's safe to be in the hall's because there are a lot of security guards around, and they too, are friednyl. YOU WILL FEEL PROUD GRADUATING AS A PANTHER
10/15/2009studentWest Ottawa is the best. I love my school.
1/16/2009parentBoth of my children received excellent educations at West Ottawa and enjoyed the many opportunities offered. The buildings are well maintained and I have always found the staff very friendly and helpful. West Ottawa is an excellent school and everyone should take the time to visit one of the buildings and see for themselves. As with all districts you are going to have a few disgruntled former students and parents. Hopefully one day they can objectively look back and see what a wonderful opportunity they had at West Ottawa! Go WO!
8/31/2008parentGreat school very happy my children attend
4/14/2008parentWest Ottawa is an excellent school, with excellent athletics, robotics team, Science Olympiad team, and Music Department. (and excellent everything)
2/3/2008parentThere couldn't be a better school around. WOHS has so many opportunities for students. It is simply unbelievable. The safety in school has improved greatly over the past few years that my son has been in school. He has reported much better student behavior this year. It is very encouraging that my son can go to a school where great things happen like the Veteran's Day Assembly during which all staff and students meet in one gym to honor our veterans. My son also participates in many of the school's activities such as band, choir, orchestra and theatre. The school is strong in all of those programs. I would greatly reccommend this school to anyone!
2/3/2008studentI am currently a senior at West Ottawa High School. I could not be happier with my experience in high school. I have been on the trimester schedule for four years now, and I have grown to love it. It is by far the best scheduling system I have experienced. It has allowed me to take all the classes that I want including 5 AP classes, multiple music classes and still have time to take other required courses. As an avid participant in the WOHS music program, I have had some of the best experiences. Our schools boasts one of the best programs in the state, and I really enjoy that. The schools updated or new facilities make it enjoyable and comfortable to go to school here. The new High School campus is simply amazing, and I could not have asked for a better environment in which to attend high school.
12/19/2007studentI have to say that WOHS is one of the best public schools in the state. I had block schedule and trimesters, and I believe they both work. As for AP classes, there is little real problem for them. I took two AP classes on trimester and didnt feel rushed or anything. Also, trimesters dont create more homework, the type of classes you take do. I believe almost every teacher at West Ottawa is comitted to helping students personally. I had a chance to attend Black River, but I chose West Ottawa. I have never regreted that decision.
10/22/2007former studentI went to this school last year as a freshmen and let's just start off by saying I left after that year. I went to WO for 4 years. I am now and Holland Public and enjoy it much much more than WO. At WO the teachers seemed to care nothing about helping students personally. They expected you to learn out of books and had no hands - on work what so ever. The trimester schedule seemed to be terrible for struggling students. I myself struggled in WO but now that I am in Holland I excell and take pride in the school that I belong too. I do have to say though that the school did have wonderful extracurricular activities. But as far as core classes go they were absoulutely terrible. I wouldn't reccomend this school to anyone at all.
10/8/2006studentI went to this school, and looking at all your comments. Yes, the block schedule was much easier and also helped get us ready for college. the teachers and student relationship makes me want to laugh, there was a handful of teachers that cared while the rest sat around like nothing. Over all, pretty ok school.
9/4/2006parentTrimesters makes it very difficult for students to succeed, it gives them less chances for classes, and the long class hours are very tiring for students.
4/10/2006parentI value West Ottawa because of its diverse population and caring teachers. It is definitely going through some growing pains though. The trimester has crushed too much information into too little time. The amount of homework due to that is astounding. The huge size has made W.O. lose some of the nice feeling it had a few years ago. The music programs are amazing through it all. I feel the teachers are very willing to help my kids. Overall it is a good school, but for whatever reason the feeling in the school is not as positive as it was.
1/1/2006parentHaving grown up in West Ottawa, and now having children in various schools in the district, I am dissappointed at the goals for high school in particular. In meetings with teachers the main goal is about getting the children to pass, as opposed to actually excelling. The size of West Ottawa has changed some opportunities for middle of the road kids that can no longer play sports that they love, and for academically struggling kids to easily fall through the cracks. The diversity has completely changed the atmosphere of the schools, and unfortunately not for the better. I believe the schools functioned better 20 years ago. Guess we'll see what happens in the next 20. We won't be included.
10/21/2005parentWOHS has a very deverse student population. Large selection of classes. For a most part a great staff that will lesson and work for contiual improvement for the student. Above average techongoly.
5/6/2005studentWest Ottawa High School has its highs and lows. Unfortunately, education is starting to take the back seat to some other less valuable aspects to our school. The loss of the block scheduling system has in fact been a blow to the quality of the education. While our future generation may still be getting acceptable grades, these grades are in reality the product of teacher understanding of the new schedule. In some AP classes, however, this is not the case as these valuable classes are much more demanding, and the test in May is the goal for the teachers. The loss of time for AP Science classes has been a mistake, one that should be thought out. Things changed, and there may be nothign to do about it now, but its very dissapointing that the students weren't involved with this decision.
12/10/2004parentWest Ottawa School is the best school I have ever seen. They are caring understanding and they have your childs education at heart. Moving to illinois I can truly apreciate MI your the greatest from staff to students. You have so much to offer our children. Continue to love and care about the students they will go far in life.

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