St. Louis, Missouri 

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Name Grades Type Rating
A Growing Place Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Abiding Savior Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Acad. of ENVT Sci Math ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Acad. of ENVT Sci Math Middle06 - 08Regular2
Adams ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Affton High09 - 12Regular8
Agape' Academy and Child Development CenterPK - 06Private
Ames Visual Perf. ArtsPK - 05Regular1
Apprende Private SchoolPK - 12Private
Arrowpoint ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Ashland Elementary and Br.PK - 06Regular1
Assumption Parish SchoolKG - 08Private
Avery ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Baby Steps Academy II LLCPK - 03Private
Barack Obama Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Bayless ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Bayless Junior High School06 - 08Regular3
Bayless SR. High09 - 12Regular5
Beasley ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Beaumont CTE High School09 - 12Regular1
Bel-Nor ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Bermuda ElementaryKG - 06Regular2
Bernard Middle06 - 08Regular7
Better Learning Comm AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Bierbaum ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Bishop DU Bourg High School09 - 12Private
Bissell Hall06 - 12Regular
Blades ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Block Yeshiva High School09 - 12Private
Bristol ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Bryan Hill ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Buder ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Busch Ms Character Athletics06 - 08Regular3
Cardinal Glennon HospitalKG - 12Alternative Education
Cardinal Ritter College Prep. High School09 - 12Private
Carnahan School of the Future09 - 12Regular5
Carondelet Leadership AcademyKG - 08Regular3
Carr Lane VPA Middle06 - 08Regular1
Central Christian SchoolPK - 06Private
Central Institute for the DeafPK - PKPrivate
Central Visual Perf. Arts High09 - 12Regular3
Chaminade College Prep. School06 - 12Private
Christ Light of the Nations Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Christ the King Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Christian Academy of Greater St. LouisPK - 12Private
Christian Brothers College High School09 - 12Private
Christian Hospital Child Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
Churchill Center and SchoolUG - UGPrivate
City AcademyPK - 06Private
City Garden Montessori SchoolKG - 08Regular7
Clark ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Clay ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Cleveland Njrotc Academy09 - 12Regular2
Cole ElementaryPK - 08Regular1
Collegiate School of Med Bio09 - 10Regular
Columbia Elementary Comm. Ed. CenterPK - 06Regular1
Community Access Job Training08 - 12Regular2
Compton-Drew ILC Middle06 - 08Regular3
Concord Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Confluence Preparatory Academy07 - 12Regular2
Construction Careers Center09 - 12Vocational Education1
Conway ElementaryKG - 04Regular10
Cool Valley ElementaryKG - 06Regular3
Cor. JESU Academy09 - 12Private
Cornerstone AcademyKG - 08Private
Cote Brilliante ElementaryPK - 06Regular3
Countryside Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Covenant Christian SchoolPK - 06Private
Craig ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Crestwood ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Crossroads College Preparatory School07 - 12Private
Danforth ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
DE La Salle Middle School05 - 08Private
DE SMET Jesuit High School09 - 12Private
Department of Special EducationPK - PKPrivate
Dewey School-Internat'l. StudiesPK - 05Regular3
Discovery Hall06 - 12Regular
Dunbar and Br.PK - 06Regular1
Eagle College Prep. EndeavorKG - 04Regular3
Earl Nance SR. ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Early Child. EducationPK - PKRegular2
Early Child. KDG. ComplexPK - PKRegular
East Middle06 - 08Regular2
ECH School At Every Childs Hope03 - 12Private
Edgar Road ElementaryKG - 05Regular9
Elias Michael ElementaryPK - 08Regular
Esther Miller BAIS Yaakov09 - 12Private
External LocationKG - 12Alternative Education
Faith AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Fanning Middle Community Ed.06 - 08Regular1
Farragut ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Fern Ridge High09 - 12Regular2
Forder ElementaryKG - 05Regular6
Ford-Ford Br. Elementary Comm. Ed.PK - 06Regular1
Forest Park Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Forsyth SchoolPK - 06Private
Fort Bellefontaine Campus06 - 12Regular
Froebel ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Gateway ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Gateway High09 - 12Regular2
Gateway Hubert Wheeler SchoolKG - 12Special Education
Gateway Middle06 - 08Regular2
Gateway Science Acad. St. LouisKG - 05Regular6
Gateway Science Acad.-South ELEKG - 05Regular3
Gateway Science Academy High09 - 11Regular7
Gateway Science Academy Middle06 - 08Regular
Gibson ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Glasgow ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Gotsch Intermediate School03 - 05Regular7
Grace Chapel Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Grand Center Arts Acad. Middle06 - 08Regular5
Grand Center Arts Academy High09 - 12Regular
Grannemann ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Great Circle Edgewood Children's CenterKG - 12Private
Green Park Lutheran SchoolKG - 08Private
Griscom Juvenile Detention Center05 - 12Alternative Education
H F Epstein Hebrew AcademyPK - 08Private
Hagemann ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Hamilton Elementary Community Ed.PK - 05Regular1
Hancock SR. High09 - 12Regular4
Hazelwood East High09 - 12Regular2
Henry ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Herzog ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Hickey ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Highland ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Hixson Middle07 - 08Regular9
Hodgen ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Hogan St. Regional Youth Center06 - 12Regular
Holy Cross AcademyPK - 05Private
Holy Trinity Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
Hudson ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Humboldt Acad. of Higher Lrning03 - 05Regular2
Incarnate Word Academy09 - 12Private
Iveland ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Jamaa Learning CenterKG - 08Regular2
Jefferson ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Jefferson ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
John Burroughs School07 - 12Private
John Cary Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular10
Keeven ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Kennard Classical Junior Acad.PK - 05Regular10
Kennerly ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
KIPP Inspire Academy05 - 08Regular5
KIPP Victory AcademyKG - 01Regular
KOCH ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Kratz ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Laclede ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Ladue Fifth Grade Center05 - 05Regular10
Ladue Horton Watkins High09 - 12Regular7
Ladue Middle06 - 08Regular9
Lafayette Preparatory AcademyKG - 03Regular
Langston Middle06 - 08Regular1
Larimore ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Lemasters ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Lewis and Clark ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Lewis and Clark Hall06 - 12Regular
Lexington ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Lift for Life Academy06 - 08Regular1
Lift for Life Academy High School09 - 12Regular2
Lindbergh SR. High09 - 12Regular9
Little Flower Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
Long ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Long Middle Community Ed. Center06 - 08Regular1
L'Ouverture Middle07 - 08Regular1
Loyola Academy of St. Louis06 - 08Private
Lucas Crossing Elementary ComplexKG - 05Regular2
Lutheran High School North09 - 12Private
Lutheran High School South09 - 12Private
Lyon At Blow ElementaryPK - 08Regular1
Mallinckrodt A.B.I. ElementaryPK - 05Regular3
Mann ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Margaret Buerkle Middle06 - 08Regular5
Marian Middle School05 - 08Private
Marion ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Marvin ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day SchoolPK - 12Private
Mason ElementaryPK - 06Regular4
McKinley Class. Leadership AC06 - 12Regular9
Meadows ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Mehlville High School09 - 12Regular6
Meramec ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Mesnier Primary SchoolPK - 02Regular8
Metro High09 - 12Regular9
Miller Career Academy09 - 12Vocational Education2
MO School for the Blind - ElementaryKG - 08Special Education
MO School for the Blind - HS09 - 12Special Education
Moline ElementaryKG - 05Regular1
Monroe ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Mullanphy Botanical GardensPK - 05Regular2
New City SchoolPK - 06Private
Normandy High09 - 12Regular1
Normandy Middle06 - 08Regular2
Normandy Tech. School12 - 12Vocational Education1
North High09 - 12Regular8
North Side Community SchoolPK - 05Regular5
Oak Hill ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Oakville ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Oakville Middle06 - 08Regular9
Oakville SR. High09 - 12Regular8
Old Bonhomme ElementaryKG - 04Regular10
Old NorthKG - 08Regular2
Our Lady of Sorrows SchoolPK - 08Private
Our Lady of the Pillar SchoolPK - 08Private
Pattonville Pre-SchoolPK - PKRegular
Peabody ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Point ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Preclarus Mastery Academy05 - 08Regular2
Premier Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular4
Providence Classical Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Queen of All Saints SchoolPK - 08Private
R. G. Central Middle06 - 08Regular1
Reach St. Louis Day Treatment06 - 12Regular
Reed ElementaryKG - 04Regular9
Ritenour Middle06 - 08Regular3
Ritenour SR. High09 - 12Regular3
Riverview Gardens SR. High09 - 12Regular1
Robert H. Sperreng Middle06 - 08Regular10
Rogers ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Rogers Middle06 - 08Regular8
Rohan Woods SchoolPK - 06Private
Roosevelt High09 - 12Regular1
Rosati-KAIN High School09 - 12Private
Ross ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Salem Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Sappington ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community Day SchoolKG - 08Private
Shaw Visual Perf. Arts CenterPK - 05Regular2
Shenandoah ElementaryPK - 06Regular5
Sherman Elementary Comm. Ed. CenterPK - 06Regular2
Sigel Elementary Comm. Ed. CenterPK - 06Regular1
Soldan International Studies09 - 12Regular1
Soulard SchoolPK - 06Private
South CityKG - 08Regular2
South City Community SchoolPK - 05Private
South City Preparatory Academy05 - 08Regular2
Southeast Middle06 - 08Regular1
Southside Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Spanish Lake Campus06 - 12Regular
Spoede ElementaryKG - 04Regular10
St. Ambrose SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Ann Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Anthony Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Catherine Laboure SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Cecilia SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Dominic Savio Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Frances Cabrini AcademyKG - 08Private
St. Francis of Assisi SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Gabriel the Archangel SchoolKG - 08Private
St. James the Greater SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Joan of Arc Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John the Baptist SCHSPK - 08Private
St. Josephs Academy09 - 12Private
St. Justin Martyr SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Louis Catholic AcademyPK - 08Private
St. Louis Children's HospitalKG - 12Alternative Education
St. Louis Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
St. Louis Priory School07 - 12Private
St. Louis Unified School of SDAPK - 08Private
St. Louis University High School09 - 12Private
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Margaret of Scotland SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Mark SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Mary's High School09 - 12Private
St. Matthew Lutheran SchoolPK - 06Private
St. Monica Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Peter Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Richard SchoolPK - 08Private
St. ROCH SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Simon the Apostle SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Stephen Protomartyr SchoolPK - 08Private
Steger Sixth Grade Center06 - 06Regular10
Stevens Middle Community Ed.06 - 08Regular
STIX Early Childhood CenterPK - 02Regular3
Storman AcademyPK - 08Private
Suite Genevieve DU BOIS SchoolPK - 08Private
Sumner High09 - 12Regular1
The Biome2 - 2Regular
The Centre At ConwayPK - KGPrivate
The Chinese SchoolKG - 03Regular5
The College Preparatory High09 - 12Regular2
The College SchoolPK - 08Private
The French SchoolKG - 05Regular3
The International School06 - 06Regular
The MOOG Center for Deaf EducationPK - PKPrivate
The Principia SchoolPK - 12Private
The Spanish SchoolKG - 05Regular2
The St. Michael School of ClaytonPK - 08Private
Thomas Jefferson School07 - 12Private
Torah Prep. School - Boys Division02 - 08Private
Torah Prep. School - Girls DivisionPK - 08Private
Tower Grove Christian AcademyKG - 12Private
Transformation Christian SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Transportation and Law09 - 12Regular1
Trautwein ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
Trinity Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Truman Middle School06 - 08Regular10
Twillman ElementaryPK - 05Regular4
Twin Rivers06 - 12Regular
Ursuline Academy09 - 12Private
Vashon High09 - 12Regular1
Vernare Learning School2 - 2Regular
Victory Christian AcademyKG - 08Private
Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill SchoolPK - 12Private
Visitation Academy of St. LouisPK - 12Private
VO. Tech. Tuition10 - 12Vocational Education
W. G. Computer School ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Walbridge Elementary Community Ed.PK - 06Regular1
Walnut ParkPK - 08Regular1
Walter Ambrose Family CenterPK - PKRegular10
Washington ElementaryKG - 05Regular2
Washington Middle06 - 08Regular8
Washington MontessoriPK - 05Regular1
Webster Groves High09 - 12Regular8
Westview Middle06 - 08Regular2
Whitfield School06 - 12Private
Wilkinson Early Childhood CenterPK - 02Regular3
Woerner ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Wohlwend ElementaryKG - 05Regular7
Woodward ElementaryPK - 05Regular1
Word of Life Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Wyland ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Yeatman-Liddell Middle School06 - 08Regular1
Name Grades Type Rating

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Best city in the world! (for me?) - 9/26/2020
Of all the places in this country, I have decided to move to St. Louis. It just seems like a wonderful place to live and call home. I found the cutest loft downtown for... Read More

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Sad City that Could be Great - 9/6/2020
I've lived here and keep coming back for family. This city could have been great and is changing but has been a ghetto for some time. The crime is high; property values... Read More

You Can't Gloss Over The Bad Aspects Of St. Louis - 8/7/2020
8/7/20 I left St. Louis, MO (University City) in 2006 and haven't looked back. It continually becomes more dangerous to live there. Property taxes are high. Traffic... Read More

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