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Virgin Valley High School
820 Valley View Dr
Mesquite, NV 89027
(702) 346-2780
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public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Clark


  Class SizeGradeYear
18 2005
  School Head OfficialYear
M. DeLos Perkins2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/28/2011otherIm not a student here anymore ' buh i gotta say this is a great skool i miss skeets and playing soccer . wayy way i repeat my self way fun . this skool aint like the one in wendover withh uhh messed up teachers !!! besttt skool everr keeeppp up the great workkk <3 (:
5/23/2010studentI am a former student of VVHS. I felt the quality of education was great. If you are an Honor student you will get an outstanding education. Most if not all of my honor teachers were very educated and taught well. I felt that the extra. Cric. activities could have been better. I have two children now and I am looking forward to the moment that they get to attend VVHS, as there father and I did!
2/5/2009parentThe new administration has made a tremendous impact on student achievement and community pride. It is hard to believe that such a significant difference can be brought about in such a short amount of time
8/19/2008otherAs a graduate of this school i can say that this school is very lucky to have a change in the administration. the teachers do an awesome job of pushing there students and helping them excell. but it was difficult with the previsous 'administratiors.' they did extremely poor jobs at interacting with the student body and staff. it made it difficult for teachers, stressfull for coaches, and down right boring for students. the school spirit dropped to an all time low and it was sad to attend sporting events and have them discouraging the students from cheering on their peers. Thank goodness we have a new pricipal here! things have already improved exponentially and will only continue to improve. things are really looking up from here! this good school is going to get much much better...
5/21/2008otherThere is very little teacher support from the administration. School policy for students who do not do homework, fail to bring text book and other materials to class, and do not participate in learning objectives is 'Let them fail'.
6/21/2007studentI am a student at Virgin Valley, and I believe that that the school isn't bad at all. In fact, the teachers and curriculum are much better than some of the leading Vegas Schools. I have taken Calculus AP at the school, and all of the students that I know who go to school in Vegas are not allowed to take such a course in their Junior Year. The teachers are hard working and dedicated to their students at all times. On the administration, we must remember that V.V. is a rural school, and therefore recieves not only less funding, but also less conideration and slack from CCSD. And so, the administration does a constant balancing act between keeping the students happy and CCSD happy on a tight budget. The only problem at this school is the students- students who don't care about getting an education and just wasting thier time.
5/20/2007studentAs a Virgin Valley High School student, I have noticed a favoritism to students whose parents work at the school and students who participate in sports. Other than this, VVHS is a great school with a lot of diversity and many chances to become involved. The only way a student can't develope in a beneficial way from this school is if they don't try or disagree with the high standards it holds. Mesquite is a safe and friendly community to raise a family.
5/13/2006studentI am a student at Virgin Valley High School. All around this is a nice school. The only down fall is the Principal, he is kind of out of control. Mesquite is a fast growing city, its a good place to raise a family. Lots of nice people and awsome weather in the winter, the summers are another story.
9/26/2005parentIt has been my experience in 13 years, with my own 2 sons and my knowledge of their friends academics, that the elementary and secondary schools here fail to teach study skills and accountability for completion of work that carries into the high school. Students are not held back but allowed to let the number of failed classes catch up to them at some point when digging themselves out is unlikley or impossible, during the years thier grades are of most importance. Serious racial tensions and lack of sport participation has occurred in the high school over the last few years. Other academic options, other than home schooling, are nonexistent in this remote area. Many parents whose children attended school with mine, chose to move to Vegas or St George, UT for better quality schools, options and academic opportunites not available here.
12/2/2004former studentAs a graduate of Virgin Valley High, I can provide some unique insight on it. VVHS is in a safe community in Mesquite. The athletic programs at Virgin Valley are competitive, and the academic programs are offered for all levels of studnets. The diversity between the Hispanic and Anglo cultures is great, and the influence of a prodomately LDS student body and staff helps keep moral standards at a high.

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