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Junior High School 201 the Dyker Heights
8010 12th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 833-9363
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public | 6-8
County: Kings (Brooklyn)


  School Head OfficialYear
Madeleine D. Brennan2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/7/2012otherI am currently in 7th grade and so far it's the best experience i've ever had. It's nice to feel safe in your school and Dyker heights gives you the feeling that your at home. The enviroment it's self is amazing. Mr. Sieler and Mr. Qureshi are my favorites. I love how they joke around but at the same time, they end up teaching us something great. After graduating elementary school, i was scared at the thought of middle school. I was afraid of being bullied. But after attending Dyker Heights i felt safer then i felt at my Elementary School.
7/2/2012otherI am a 2006 graduate of Dyker Heights, an alumni of Stuyvesant High, and a rising junior at Cornell University. In retrospect, I had a great experience at Dyker-- great teachers and wonderful classmates. However, on the whole, the vast majority of the teachers there were unqualified and many of its students, delinquents. I am amazed that I survived the pre-specialized high school school system. It abhors me every time I think about my middle school education. A plethora of unqualified and just plain bad teachers, a lackluster sentiment amongst the vast majority of its students, and an environment non-conducive to an educational environment. Don't get me wrong-- there were some great teachers there and some highly motivated students, but on the whole, I would not send my kids to Dyker. If I have a recommendation, I would send kids to private school if money is not an issue.
5/23/2012parentIn response to the May 21, 2012, posting, I have to say that an outdated website is not the only outdated aspect about this school. My child is about to graduate from an uninspiring, technologically backwards school. During her three years at I.S.201, her group has used computers about half a dozen times, and she was denied any computer instruction. During one of the years, against all DOE requirements, her class did not have ANY type of arts instruction. Foreign language classes are reserved for SP (gifted and talented) students. Opportunities to participate in after school activities or special events have been offered in an erratic manner. One would expect a middle school to offer some enrichment programs, but in our case, we have had to take our child elsewhere and pay for private lessons. We are happy that she is finally leaving this school and hopefully for an institution that regards students as individuals with special talents and interests.
5/21/2012parentMy child will be entering JHS 201 this Fall and I wanted more information about the school so I looked on line to see how informative the schools website would be for me. I was greatly disappointed that it did not have recent celebrations and events that the students/school participated in. Nor did it provide any information about their in-house specialized schools. How are perspective Junior High School students to learn about all aspects of JHS 201?
12/14/2011otherWent to dyker heights, then brooklyn tech and now I'm at cornell studying engineering. Great school that made me who I am today *if you're in the SM program.
8/23/2011otherI graduated Dyker heights this year, 2011. I really love this school and really wish i've never graduated. The teachers are so nice there and are willing to help! The truth is that at first when i graduated 5th grade, i've never knew about the junior high school test, and i failed it. I split-ed up from my best friends and i made my new friends in dyker. Also, my best friend! This is an amazing school!
8/9/2011parentThis is a wonderful school. My child has blossomed so much in this school. She has been exposed to so much...academically and socially.
6/23/2011parentTwo of my children attended Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201. It has one of the best advanced programs in Brooklyn. A faculty of well qualified teachers provide high quality education. After this program children are very well positioned to apply for specialized New York City high schools. The school has been led by a remarkable long-term principle Ms. Brennan.
6/23/2011parentTwo of my children attended Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201. It has one of the best advanced programs in Brooklyn. A faculty of well qualified teachers provide high quality education. After this program children are very well positioned to apply for specialized New York City high schools. The school has been led by a remarkable long-term principle Ms. Brennan.
10/19/2010otherlove this school simple and can get get a good grade in eney thing so if you got to be in this school join it it is awnsom
5/3/2010studentim an 8th grade student in dyker, so far these past years in Dyker have been a blast! lots of teachers and students are nice
4/27/2010parentThis is such a great school with a great staff, administration and principal who are dedicated to our children. The principal has been a part of the school for over forty five years. That is dedication. I'm very happy with this school and all that it offers my child.
1/31/2010parentI moved my child from another school because of many problems in that school program to I.S. 201. For the last 2 years my son is a successful happy student with excellent grades. I have to said that the whole school team of teachers, the staff and school shows a great level of professionalist and care for their students at all level. To this this day we are happy parents as well my child thanks us for moving him to their program. I hope more school could copy their level of teaching and school environment so important for our children.
12/18/2009parentI am struggling with the policies of this school. It is very hard to get in contact with any member of the staff. I have sent emails and called about my child's progress and have yet to receive any communication back. I am very frustrated with what I see as a lack of connection between the school and home. My child does have a wonderful English teacher and for that I am very grateful.
9/15/2009parentIts our son's first year at Dyker Heights. Since the first day we have noticed him really caring about his homework and completing it. I was told there is discipline and care that is taught very well and so far the staff is acheiving that with our son. Thanks ;)
9/10/2009studentI just started 6th grade yesterday 9-9-09 and i think school is really good. My homeroom teacher is Mr.Botti and he is really nice i sit all the way in the front and I can tell it is going to be a wonderful school year in Dyker. The school is good except for some mean 8th graders that call u dorks, or little kids the can get annoying but all the teachers r nice and u will make tons of friends. I Love Dyker.
9/7/2009parentAs a parent of a 2009 graduate and a 7th grader, I am fortunate that my children were accepted to Dyker via the Superintendent's Program and they have reaped the rewards of attaining an education administered by a spectacular principal and faculty. My children are known by their name and not by a number. CONGRATULATIONS DYKER!! Thanks to you our children are climbing the ladder of success towards a bright future!!
9/5/2009studenti graduated in Dyker in 2009 and it was an awesome school!
5/4/2009studentI graduted Dyker in 2006. The best three years of my life were in Dyker. I made some amazing friends and had amazing times. Till this day I still miss that school. I am a Junior at Xaverian High School now, and although Xaverian is a good school, I feel, academically Dyker was better. For instense, below a 75% was failing on a test, while now its a 65% at my school. I wish everyday that dyker went to 12th grade, i would transfer in a heartbeat. I miss this school so much, its not even funny. I had a 90% or above in every class, so that's saying something. The teachers are hard workers and realte and interact with the students. I actually used my 8th grade notebook, to help write my U.S. History research paper. This is saying something. Dyker heights was an amazing learning experience for me.
5/4/2009parentThe school is very responsive to parent's suggestions and the needs of the students. It is an excellent school. My other child went to nearby McAuliffe JHS which is supposed to be better but turned out to be very elitist and there was a major disconnect between parents and school.
3/6/2009parentMy child attends Dyker IS 201, and I am very pleased with the level of education that she is receiving along with the efforts everything that every staff tries to do to make it a better environment. However, I am very concerned with the constant bullying and fights that go on a daily basis that the staff may or may not be aware of. Also, when a teacher is a witness to something how long does it take for them to contact the parent or school officals. In a school of about 1800 students, I think there is a huge safety issue, and needs to be addressed immediately.
3/2/2009studentI'm currently in dyker heights and hate it. There is so much bullying and fights. Im in 7th grade and planning on transferring to junior high school 259 william mckinley. There much better.
2/20/2009studentIt's a great place with a good structure in both students and faculty. The food isn't half bad. I like going there because it's both fun an challenging, and it finds a good class suited 4 u. They also have 2 large gyms separately for boys and girls. Ms. Brennan has been principal for 30 yrs the longest term 4 any principal in the city. So if you get accepted and can handle a mountain o homework u really should go to Dyker Heights, home of the Dyker Knights, n visit if ever get a chance. Thanks 4 reading this incredibly loong note.
1/11/2009studentIt's been the best three years so far at Dyker Heights, I.S.201. I love all of my classes & my teachers. I've changed a lot academically ever since I've enrolled there. I'm a senior at Dyker Heights now, and I'm actually quite reluctant to leave (= But definetly, I'm coming back to visit in the future, and hope that my siblings attend & get the experience from this school .
12/30/2008teacheri have been teaching at dyker for 7 years and we are a tight family that loves to teach. we look out for each other and do whatever we can for our students
11/27/2008studentI love this school! I love everything about this school even through I'm just a sixth grader.
9/25/2008parentMy child who went to this junior high school , Dyker Heights.I was surprise that my child had passed her test.I was really shocked.I had been proud of my child and this woNderful school. =]
6/8/2008parentDyker Heights J.H.S. is an example for all junior high schools to follow. The principal's leadership and the teachers in this school are extraordinary! My parent involvement is exceptional. It takes 2 to make it work...the teachers and the parents. This is not one sided. In this time where many households have both parents working, the parents also have a responsibilitiy in their children's education. As parents, we are the 2nd half of the education team. Dyker Heights J.H.S., it's fantastic principal and teachers are always there for all parents. Now it is up to the parents to get involved in their children's education. It is because of the exceptional principal and teachers, my responsibility as a parent and my child's drive, determination and support system that my child is a Principal's List Honor student at Dyker Heights J.H.S.
5/28/2008parentMy son goes to this school and I think it is a good school. He is in mostly gifted classes. The teachers stay on top of the kids. My son's teacher always calls me if there is an issue. They also call me if he is doing especially well which I think is a nice gesture. They have after school math and english three times a week and they have the 37 1/2 minutes which they can all attend which is very helpful to them.
5/7/2008studentI love this school! i am an 8th grader graduating and next year i am going to Stuyvesant. The teachers are all supportive and kind, and there are many superintendent classes (which i attend). There are many students that are on the honor roll and the principal's list every semester.
3/1/2008studentI think this school has many fights happening almost everyday while their test scores are as low as ever. However, this school got me into going to Brooklyn Tech and it could send your child to that school too.
1/10/2008studentI love all of the teacher here!
11/1/2007parentI would say IS 201 is a great school for my child and even though they are overcrowded they keep control over the students.They also have many activities there. Teachers and staff are doing great! Pick this school its the best i have seen!
5/16/2007parentI think this school is exellent. My child goes there and got excepted into Hunter.
1/30/2007parenti would like this school have more after school programs for the kid do well in school.
1/24/2007parentMy daughter attends this school which came highly recommended by her 5th grade teacher.Her grades are great and she is growing, her teachers are supportive and strict which I like very much. She gets lots of homework.My daughter does say the school is very crowded. Overall Im happy with the school and the staff. She is getting a good education. I give the school a 4 star rating.
1/4/2007parentThis is My child's first year and she is in the gifted program along with being in the Chorus and The Drama club. she is doing very well in this program but I understand the concerns from the comments below and agree.I wrote and faxed a letter twice to the principal about an issue I had and received no reponse.I thought since there was no response with my message left i would fax a letter over.Still nothing!
10/25/2006parentMy child feels this school is overcrowded. It is not safe in the hallways as the students change from class to class. The student ratio is much higher than the teacher ratio. The staff is unsupportive and does not resolve student issues right away. You can never get a straight answer from staff and each time you call you are told to leave a message and no one gets back to you. The response you receive is 'we have over 1700 students in this school and we can't get resolve your child's issues right now' Basically their saying 'we don't have enough staff to support all these students, we are overwelmed and we just can't do it' I say hire more staff that can deal with the school or admit less students.
2/6/2006former studentThe programs for 'gifted' children we find lacking, but the music program is excellent.
2/3/2006parentMy child john goes to 201 and he is treated with respect and the teachers are kind and understanding about his ability. I believe this school is very polite and considerate especially to my family.
1/12/2006parentDyker Middle school has great resources for children who are having trouble with their Math & Reading, the Resource dept has been great. They make every effort assure that your child is getting the extra help they need. The Music Dept is good, The sports is great they have extra sports in the morning for students. The parent involvement could be better. Parents should get more involved to assure that all programs are working for their children.
1/23/2004parentI think the administrative staff at this school need to go back to school themselves. My child started attending this school since September 2002 and I have never had one productive phone call to this school. Every time I call I am never given a straight answer and no one can help it is always leave a message and someone will get back to you -- which they never do. I am totally disgusted and fed up of the staff in this school. Even the guidance counselor cannot help. Fustrated Parent

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