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P.S. 184 Shuang Wen
327 Cherry St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 602-9700
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public | PK-8
County: New York (Manhattan)


  Class SizeGradeYear
23 2008
  School Head OfficialYear
Iris Chiu2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/31/2012parentI am hearing great things about the policies that the new Principal Iris Chiu is putting into place. Teachers are now teaching according to the license that they hold rather than where they were placed by the old administration. This will stop confusion as teachers will be teaching what they are able to teach rather than what they thought they could teach. I also hear that certain disruptive elements have left the school, so it will be easier for the school to concentrate on academics rather that trying to keep order. As time goes on I feel that in the capable hands of Ms. Chiu the school will move forward and be a beacon of light on the L.E.S,. and will also be a great example of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural place where students learn to respect and share each others cultures from PreK to 8th grade. I want to say one more thing and that if the Dual Language High School which Ms. Chiu helped to create, is an example of the pedagogy that Principal Iris Chiu believes in, then Shuang Wen is in the best of hands, and the students there have a person well versed in Academics as well as Dual Language.
8/8/2012parentNeed some opinion!! My child is going to Kindergarten this fall. She accepted by ps 184 and private school Transfiguration school NYC. I know both are good schools. I have a hard time making decision of which school for my child.Is there anybody give me some advise? Many Thanks
6/22/2012parentLet's make it clear: was Shuang Wen tecnically a real dual language? NO, it was a regular english public school with optional 1000$/year chinese afterschool from 3.30 to 5.30. Is S. W. now a real Dual Language school"? YES is a public school with 50% program in chinese and 50% in english and same optional chinese afterschool. Was S. W. a good school? Yes, it was an EXCELLENT school with the highest scores among NYC public scool. Is the "new" S. W. a good school? We'll find out after few years of experimental program to please a power game that has nothing to do with the ethic of education. I believe in protecting what has been proved to be, for years, an outstanding schoo. Furthermore: after living in China for many years, and studying Chinese languageI can confirm the afterschool has by far a higher quality of teaching and academic compared to the new system. You don't send your kids here because it's cool to say NIHAO, SW is facing the risk to become one of the many mediocre schools in NYC. Is there any other afterschool for 1000$ in NYC? I can't see any positive purpose for removing it given the fact that is cheap, great and optional. Hope nobody will have to regret this choi
5/29/2012parentThe school is starting to become what it was planned to be Shuang Wen = Dual Language. I want to say that now that the school has new leadership there is a chance for it to become great. I felt that it was too much repitition and not enough rigorous pedagogical interplay between students and teachers. We need to have schools where teachers are also learners but on another rung of the ladder; not schools that assume that children are empty vessels waiting to be filled up. I feel confident that if SWAN is removed and a true dual language program with quantifiable measurements is put in place the school will become great. It needs more teachers like the 7th & 8th grade science teacher and the English Coach, and more teachers who are teaching according to their license. It also needs ESL teachers who understand the culture of the children they are teaching this goes to pedeagogy. I see great things happening as the Principal has opened up and is teaching respect for all cultures as should be taught in all schools. I feel the school is becoming great through diversity in the student body, and a teaching staff that will become more professional under this Administration
4/17/2012parentI know it's hard to do, but if you try to ignore the political battles that are happening between the administration and the parents, you will see that in the classrooms, great things are happening. My daughter who didn't read when she entered K, shocked my husband and I when she started to read by herself sometime in October. We only speak Mandarin at home, so this was all due to the incredible teaching of her Kindergarten teacher. It is true that there is a strong focus on academics, but how is that not a good thing? One should not forget that the kids have free play time, recess, gym, music, art, etc. as well as school trips (although a lot less than before this investigation tied up the school's finances). The children learn to bond with one another and my daughter asks me to plan paydates outside of school.
9/23/2011parentUnder our principal Ms.LingLing, Shuang Wen WAS a great school! no pain no gain. students must study very hard here. Since Ms.LingLing is not here,(2011 Sept) it is a big mess here. I rate this school 5 starts-- is for Ms.LingLing! Ms. LingLing we miss you much!
8/22/2010parentShuang Wen is a great school, but not for my child.The 2009-10 school year was her last. Although the teaching staff was great, there really is no plan for children struggling in Chinese.The already long day of 8:30 - 5:30 was extended to 8- 5:30 for extra Chinese tutoring.My daughter's hours in school exceeded my own work day! As she moved up in grades, her frustration only grew and as much as the idea of my child being fluent in Mandarin appealed to me, a burned out 8 year old did not.It was not an easy decision to move her, but I know it was the right one.Again, Shuang Wen is a great school for the right child. I don't feel like I didn't work hard enough as a parent, or my daughter did not do her part as a student, it just didn't work for her. Good luck!
4/27/2010parentFirst off, this is a great school. The after school chinese program is very good and forces the kids to learn. Parents who tend not to want to make an effort (because it is such a demanding school) don't send their kids here. As a result, most of the kids are well behaved and smart. Most parents are involved which helps the school be even better. The class work is very demanding, so the kids learn a lot. If you send your kids here, they will graduate very smart. My daughter is 6 years old can hold a conversation in mandarin. The graduating class trip was to China and The Chinese New Year show this past year was amazing!! The show was like a off-broadway production. Now, with the goods there are always bads. The school work is very demanding not to mention the day starts about 8:30 and ends about
12/8/2009parentThis program is really too rigorous and inflexible for 3-to-6 year olds. But my 6-year old is completely fluent in Mandarin, a language I do not speak. It is amazing to watch him understand and respond when spoken to in Chinese. Families have to be completely committed to this program as a lifestyle. If they are willing to accept the many drawbacks and if they prioritize bilingual education they will be happy with the school.
11/14/2009parentParent that admits their children into this school knows the long hours, academic challenge, high expectations from students, teachers and parents. We work together as a team. Graduates return to school to thank teachers and Ms Lingling, principal, for their hard work.
11/5/2009parentMy Child go there, she are very happy and like this school. she told me she like her classmates and teacher ms. william.
11/5/2009parentIt is a fantastic dual language school. All the staffs and teachers are kindly. Parents are nice, and she can learn both English and Chinese.
11/5/2009parentMy grandchildren attend Shuang Wen School. I have met their principal and their teachers. They care about each child's progress academically and personally. My grandchildren speak English and Chinese. They are very happy and like their school. They are receiving a well rounded education in a supportive and caring environment.
11/4/2009parentPS 184 offers a bi-lingual education in Manadrin beginning at pre-K through 8th grade. I do not know of many other schools that offer such a curriculum.
11/4/2009parentWe have an excellent academic record and our test scores speak for themselves. Only one of a kind school in NY where children are immerse in the Manadrin five days a week from Pre K to 8th grade.
11/3/2009parentThey are always happy to do funthings with the kids and they learn this in a playful way,the New Years show is the greatest show and the kids are the stars<with lots of help from their great teachers
7/15/2009parentThis school is great and amazing
6/21/2009parentThis school offers up to 8 grade. I have two kids going there. There are a lot of merits. It's a nurturing school. I know my kids are safe there. The school is more than concerned than the parents on the kids' academic achievements. That's why they got 10 in testing rating. I can also see a little improvement in terms of their single-activity after school program. Besides learning Chinese from 3 to 5:30pm, some 2nd graders can learn to play keyboard for an hour or so on Fridays. They can also play an hour of tennis on Thursdays. The rest of the programs are drills and tests only. However, there are things that were really not presented nicely to the parents. Voluntary afterschool fees have changed to become mandatory. What happens if you don't pay, will you lose the seat in the school as well?
2/7/2009parentThe school is okay but it has some cons. The school hours are too long from 8:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m. and there are no after school activities. And after school activities are important for all schools, because most high schools and colleges like athletes and if there is no sport activities it can effect the students because he/she may not get a scholarship. Also there are no clubs, instead there is mandarin classes, which is not really necessary. Clubs can help develop the student's growth and knowledge but learning a language is a waste of time because anyone can learn a language at another program. I'm not saying the school is bad because it's not. The discipline and test scores are good, but only if there were clubs and activities for all students, the school would have been better and more sucessful.
10/16/2008parent The purpose of Shuang Wen is to teach children Mandarin in a very disciplined educational environment. You will love this school if you are completely committed to helping your child manage a very long school day and high workload. If you cannot read Chinese characters this is going to be very challenging for you. If the Montessori, Waldorf or 'progressive' educational styles appeal to you, look elsewhere. Your kid is not going to learn to play the violin, have gym class attend after-school activities or be able to play on a soccer team. Instead, s/he will wear a uniform, pay attention in class, and do a lot of test prep and rote memorization. At the end of this process, s/he will be fluent in the language spoken by 1 in 5 people worldwide. Does this concept cancel out all the other drawbacks in your mind? If not, move on.
9/29/2008parentShuand Wen is a very challenging school... The day is long and I would have to agree on the fact that they do stress the test scores a lot. I went to a school meeting and they mention it like it was a top priority, children do learn though and it's an investment you are giving your child, especially in this competitive world.
9/21/2008parentOur child is very happy and she is learning a great deal already. The school ask a lot but the kids will benefit.
9/18/2008parentMy child attended ShuangWen for one year. We are very disappointed with the school. The teacher quality is poor. They have no patience for students. The school only cares about test scores, not students. We are glad we left the school.
3/4/2008parentI am the parent of a 6th grader at the Shuang Wen School. I have had my daughter in the school since kindergarten. I was happy about the school in the first few. However, I have seen a big change over the last 2 years. There is a lot of focus on the yearly test. There also has been a lack of parent participation. The school also has been displaying a lack of understanding for people of other cultures. I believe that these problems can be fixed as soon as they are acknowledged. Submitted by a parent
12/6/2007parentShuang Wen is a decent school. There is no doubt about it. This school has a great Mandarin program. However, the staffs in the office have really bad manners toward the Asian parents who have no status or don't speak English. I guess this kind of behavior is really common in Chinese culture (?) It is really disappointing.
9/30/2007parentShuang Wen is a very good school but even better if the fit is right for your child. Because the day is long in the learning of the requisite NYS curriculum plus the Mandarin language and culture, not all children can cope with this rigor. One key might be for parents to really examine what their child can handle and be realistic about their needs and abilities, not just because they would like for their child to learn the Mandarin language. It is not a program for everyone, especially if parents cannot do their share in helping the students focus and support them in getting the work done. As for the after-school which depends on grants, donations and contributions, parents are asked for voluntary contributions to help in support of the program. There is no required fee.
6/26/2007parentShuang Wen is a Top School, parents fight to get there children in and to stay. The Day is long 8:30am-5:30pm next September that's being extended to 8:am to 5:30 pm. Math and Science will be taught in altering english and mandarin,(one full day english- one full day mandarin). Most of the Chinese teachers speak no or very little english and there is a feeper child for the afterschool- to pay the chinese portion which is not run by the board of ed but by the Dept. of Health. Class sizes are large, the gym is the auditorium. Sports and extracurricular activities are squeezed in the available day. It's an intense day,week, year for any child going there. Most families commute and hour or more each way. Children are cared for and they do learn. You have to decide for yourself and family what you're willing to sacrafice.
2/1/2007parentMy daughter has been in Shuang Wen since Kindergarten. She is presently in the third grade and this will be her last year. The chinese after school program is good but the teachers are pretty strict and the kids are tired by the time the afternoon rolls around. Overall I think the school needs to understand different cultures a little better. As far as my daughter is concerned she is doing well in English and Chinese but the long day is getting to her. I will be moving out of state at the end of this school year and I will continue her Mandarin education.
6/16/2006parentSolid math and reading program, taught more in the traditional way. Math is Everyday Math but supplemented as necessary. I feel the kids know facts and answers but aren't necessarily encouraged to think for themselves. I hear too much 'I don't know' when asked a question that asks for their opinion. Music and dance mostly evolves around Chinese culture. The dance program is beautifully done. I think the whole program is great for children who enjoy structure and direction, not necessarily good for ones who are fidgetty and require extra attention. There is a lot of repetition because that's what's needed to learn Chinese. Level of parent involvement is good but not up to par with Lab, 234 or NEST. Now that they have their own school gym will be offered more often. Overall, I would recommend, but only for the right child.

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