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new york still sucks
Star Rating - 8/3/2021
filthy. deplorable. weak character. the people of new york aren't classy, they're not even decent. rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and smug, and to make it all worse there's so many of them. there/s just so many ****ing people, you're up to your eyeballs in people. plus everything is way too expensive and the police and government are completely corrupt. new york is a chaotic hell hole, its a portrait of modern american dystopia. but the people here have been told this is the best place in the world and thats why their all there, and they believe it. they eat that **** up. which is cute, but its wrong, its crazy, they're prisoners in hell and they dont know it. you should go to new york to see it, but just look around and then quickly get the **** out.
Tully | Boston, MA
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New York City is the cultural capital of the world! The people are beautiful and very bohemian. New York City is lovely for walking among such diversity, among so many people in love with their city. Yes, I'm among those who KNOW New York City is the most beautiful city on the planet. Having said that, I know that Gotham is utterly electrifying but it isn't for everyone. The above commentary is patently false, even if there is some truth in the gross generalizations for which the author of the reckless rant offers no proof. Sounds like the author suffers from serious self-hatred and would be unhappy in any big city. It's a good thing the author of the rant hates New York City because, as a result of that, he/she will stay away and he/she is precisely the type of person New York City does not need among its citizens... J-L S.
JoseLuis | Tucson, AZ | Report Abuse

we're not rude, we''re just in an f'n hurry
Michael | Chambersburg, PA | Report Abuse
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