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Talent Unlimited High School
317 E 67th St
New York, NY 10021
(212) 737-1530
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public | 9-12
County: New York (Manhattan)


  School Head OfficialYear
Linda Hamil2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentTUHS continues to be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for our daughter who is now a sophomore. The teachers are superb. The administration incredibly committed to the academic and artistic success of the students. The students are not only intellectually alert and artistically creative, they also project a rare and welcoming sense of inclusion within the student body at large. We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it all.
4/7/2011studentT.U is an amazing school where everybody knows each other and the teachers do their best job to educate their students. The only downside of T.U is that you have to walk up A LOT of stairs to even get to the main floor of the school OR you can take the overcrowded elevator that's operated by a rude elevator man. Also, the instrumental program could be better, if you plan on auditioning for instrumental music, your freshman year might be dissapointing do to lack of seriousness in the concert band. On the other hand, academics are AMAZING ! The teacher integrate the arts into their lessons, offer tutoring, and are always available to talk out outside issues with you. The school also has amazing after school programs such as the Step Team and Hip Hop team. There is also a Talent Show held every march which is where al students showcase there talents and even get to perform out of their majors required they get accepted into the show. There are tons of performances and school functions. Life at T.U is a wonderful experience for me and always exciting!
3/12/2011studentugh...this school needs some serious help. The inside of it is so dull and dark, and because the building that its in shares about 4 other schools, you have to walk 6-7 flights of stairs to get to the actual school...or just take the overcrowded elevator. It's true that everyone knows everyone, but half the people pretend you don't exist! Most teachers are O.K. but some can get on your nerves, and some may use profanity in class. There are ZERO programs at the school, unless u want to join crochet or the school newspaper. There's a talent show in march ever year, which is pretty competitive to get into considering there is an audition&callback, and this year most of the students that got in are vocal or musical theatre majors and are gonna sing! so unfair..Most major classes teach well, but if you are a pianist do not go here. u don't learn much unless u want to count music theory class. There is no free period, and lunch is usually overcrowded and shared by an elementary school. Missing one day of school is like missing a week, and students usually have to do everything for themselves. The staff is nice, but the school needs more. Overall, I feel the school could do better..
1/13/2011parentThe school has merit; the artistic focus is strong, as are the academics, if a given student is favored by a given teacher. Some adults in tutorial positions (additional help-aids/liasons) really care about the students. Unfortunately, there is a weighty culture of unprofessionalism in the teaching community at this school. Too many teachers here believe it their right to demean, condescend and even taunt the students they are to teach and uplift. For this reason my child has felt isolated and discouraged at TU and is opting, with vigor, to seek alternative schooling. The teachers could use a good deal of training in working with, inspiring and coping with children of differing personalities, as the several teachers we encountered seem to lack the *gift* that distinguishes effective educators from baby sitters simply collecting paychecks and spewing catty remarks when met with the challenge of a student who has lost interest. So much promise, the school doth posses, but its potential is unmet due to a poor and careless teaching staff.
10/28/2010parentTalent Unlimited is a very warm and caring place for the kids. The focus on the academics and the arts equally.
4/30/2010studentTU is a good school and all, but it wasn't meant for someone who is shy and quiet, and the workload is a lot! Some of the TU teachers were greats while others are weak. The worst part of TU is the building! For a performing arts high school the building is dreary and had no vibe to it!
11/25/2009parentThough this school is a fun environment for some for most it wasn't. My daughter loved the students & teachers in the school but for some reason I guess it was just too much for her, meaning the performances and the academics. This school is for someone who has the ability to do both! Yes the teachers are wonderful because they would take the time out in their lives to help students who needed it most. If your child is strong & willing to do all that it takes then I do recommend this school to them.
9/27/2009parentTalent Unlimted is a great environment where students can showacse their abilities and skills in the arts while receiving a strong education.
9/27/2009parentBecause it has the coolest and most creative students. We are all muliti talented in one way or another. And you will never find another school like Talent Unlimited.
9/26/2009otherI LOVE Talent Unlimited because our school is a family. I graduated and still keep in touch with the class of 07 and most other people from other classes.
9/26/2009studentI love Talent Unlimited for many many reasons. First of all because we are a family.. the teachers are always helping they're students in their weakness. The students are so friendly and nice, and everyone knows each other. Talent Unlimited for me is America's Favorite school no doubt...
9/23/2009parentThis school does wll for a small school but needs funding so the students can accomplish their goals.
9/23/2009parentMy child loves this school and is very happy to go there every day. The kids are warm and the community is very close, and the academics are excellent. Teachers are young and engaging, and make themselves totally available for extra help for anyone who needs it. A great small alternative to huge and more competitive LaGuardia.
9/22/2009parentTalent Unlimited is a school that focuses on the performing arts and 98% of the students graduate and go to college. It's awesome.
9/21/2009parentTalent Unlimited is one of the best hands on performing art schools in NYC. As a graduate of the '07 class, My time spent there was very detrimental to my life. Phenomenal teachers who did not mind staying after school to make sure we were tutored and also made sure we were up to par with our grades. They also help us to make us better ourselves with the outlet of performing. The school needs these funds because it will help supply the things they need to help the building process for the younger generations!
9/21/2009studentI love TU because its an amazing school! the environment is so friendly that you cant help but feel loved as soon as u walk through the doors. The teachers are extremely good at what they do but they are always there for you whether its school related or personal. Our arts department is great as well but could be a lot better if we had the funds we desperately need. I love TU and i wouldnt choose to be anywhere else.
9/21/2009parentamazing learning environment, with the most talented and passionate students you'll ever meet. the teachers connect with the students on an emotional level as well as an educational level.
9/20/2009parentWe are small, diverse, very proactive, and we have indeed, a lot of school spirit!
9/20/2009studentTU is Just the Best Place to receive your education in both academics and in the Arts!!! The Teachers build great student to teacher relationships with every student.
9/20/2009parentMy daughter goes here and shes very happy. She has great friends and great teachers, that are very helpfu. I definitely would recommend this school.
9/20/2009parentmy time at TU were the best years of my young life... I made friends that will last a life time, learned lessons I will use forever and meet teachers that changed my life.
9/20/2009parentThe only place that i can truely be myself, everyone is excepted for who they are & what they do
9/20/2009parentBecause it's such a safe, happy, energetic enviornment.
9/20/2009otherThe teachers are friendly and care about our success not just in our academics, but in our lives and careers. The school is small and boasts a family community where students of all backgrounds can feel welcome and safe.
9/20/2009studentI love this school because i can do what i love and don't have to pay a cost. Its a small school so i always feel safe and can talk to anybody, including the teachers. Its definitely a family type environment; my home away from home [:
9/20/2009parentTalent unlimited high school isnt a school for just anyone. i believe my school is for those who are dedicated to what they love . the school environment is a friendly one and everyone knows everyone in one way or another . we're a unit,a family.
9/20/2009parentYou feel like you are apart of a family if you dont know everbody by name yu know them by face this is a home away from home
9/20/2009studentI love Talent Unlimited. It's a great place for all of us kids together and show off our talents. And the teachers and students are really sweet and you can talk to anyone about anything. It is a great place to be.
9/20/2009parentI love TU because since it is so small, people (students, teachers, and staff) feel like family to you.
9/20/2009otherI know one of the very talented young students who attend this school. His manners, pleasant attitude, endearing charm, and bragging about this school impressed me on a variety of levels.
9/20/2009studentAs a recent graduate of this school, I can truthfully say that the 4 years I spent in this learning environment were precious. Every staff member is dedicated to the excellence and achievements of every student. Countless times, the teachers stay after-school and come in on weekends to help students who need extra attention. This is a diverse learning community which prides itself not only its academics but also in the performing arts. In my very informed opinion, this school deserves monetary funds so that it can continue with its tradition of educating young, talented artists.
9/22/2007studentI love it at TU... a school that you will more than likely be happy to go to every day...
5/30/2005parentmy child attend Talent Unlimited high school and tells me thats its a wonderful accepting place.
5/3/2005studentParental involvement is low, and academics do not excel, but the close community and lovely arts teachers (at least in drama) make the school worthwhile. Also the school gives the students access to college classes at Hunter College Now
9/17/2004parentBecause Talent Unlimited is a small school, each student has 'someone' that knows them well. There is a good balance between academic subjects and art subjects. Both academic and arts teachers take their subjects very seriously and strive to increase student skills. Since each student majors in an art, most of the extra-curricular events are art/performance centered. Every student performs in a formal concert every year. It's a wonderful setting for the creative student with average academic interests.
5/8/2004parentIn this school childen have at least a 90 over all average. There is not 1 student with below standards grades.
10/29/2003teacherThis school prepares students by lowering standards; reveiwing the answers in class and then testing students using the exact same questions. The extracurricular activities (MTV) replace any true learning at Talent Unlimited.

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