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Lifegate Christian School

Lifegate Christian School is a 5th Grade-12th Grade Private School located in Eugene, Oregon. It has 48 students in grades 5th Grade-12th Grade with a student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1.
1052 Fairfield Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
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School Size: Less than 50 students
12th Grade Last Year: 6
Percentage that go to College: 83%
Kindergarten Length: N/A
Full Time Teachers: 5
Total Teachers: 9
White Students: 30
Black Students: 4
Asian Students: 3
Pacific Students: 0
American Indian Students: 0
Hispanic Students: 2
Two or More Students: 9
Association of Christian Schools International: Yes
Association of Christian Teachers and Schools: Yes
National Christian School Association: Yes
National Independent Private Schools Association: Yes
Phone Number: (541) 689-5847
Community Type: City, Midsize
Typology: Other religious, conservative Christian
Home School Program: No
Private Home Program: No
Religious Orientation: Yes
Religious Affliation: No
Orientation: Christian (no specific denomination)
Student Hours per Day: 8:20
School Days per Year: 175
Library: Yes
Student Type: Coed
Students Kindergarten to 12th Grade: 48
Parent Teacher Ratio: 7.62
Total Students: 48
Male Students: 20
Female Students: 28

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A Special Place to live 2.5 years in... - 7/6/2018
I have lived in 5 states and many towns and cities and Eugene is my favorite by far. Yes it is very progressive, but not to the point where you probably would be... Read More

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Not for everyone - 11/15/2017
Eugene is a unique place, and it will not suit everyone well. There is a strong influence left over from the 60's here, much of it is positive, such as an open minded... Read More

rental housing - 8/23/2016
how much does a 3bd 2bth with a guest house... Read More

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