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Angleton High School is a 9th Grade-12th Grade Public School located in Angleton, TX within the Angleton ISD District. It has 1926 students in grades 9th Grade-12th Grade with a student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. Angleton High School spends $9,215 per student.
School Score is a 6 out of 10

1 Campus Drive
Angleton, TX 77515-2899
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School District: Angleton ISD District
Phone Number: (979) 864-8001

- 109 Teachers
- $8,152 for Education Expenditures
- $4,653 for Instruction Expenditures
- 946 Students Getting a Free or Reduced Lunch
- 815 Students Getting a Reduced Lunch
- 131 Students Getting a Free Lunch

About The Area
Location: Rural, Fringe
Median Household Income: $70,717

Reviews for Angleton
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Over 4 years ago

I've lived in Angleton since 2006 and it's grown on me, I'm originally from Galveston. I feel Angleton needs a decent review and a honest one. This is small town life  More

   |    Reply

I have lived in Houston since 2004 and I hate everything about it....the weather, the traffic, the people, the food, the culture, the scenery....all of it. This is hell  More

   |    Reply

Over 17 years ago

If you have a special needs child, especially one who is emotionally disturbed, don't count on any help from the school district. They do only the minimum and refuse to  More

   |    Reply

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