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Graham Elementary School
11211 Tom Adams Dr
Austin, TX 78753
(512) 414-2395
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public | PK-5
County: Travis


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/24/2012other do some thing about the HEAD LICE problem NOW HANDLE IT YOU HAVE IGNORED IT LONG ENOUGH. this problem was brought to the attention of office staff a month ago.
4/19/2011parentits a great school with great staff that i personally think should be more ecouraging and more down to earth teaching.
11/16/2010teacherAs a teacher, I must commend Mr. Helwig for the tremendous job he has done in turning this school around from nearly unacceptable to exemplerary on the TAKS for the last two years since he has come aboard. He has a solid program that is carried out by a team of hard working teachers. He is truly involved in all classrooms and with all children. The kids are great, and allowing them to realize their potential is a truly great thing to see. Other economically disadvantaged schools struggle to qualify students for charter schools, Graham sends a plethora!
5/15/2010parentWe are going on the 3rd year of our kids going to Graham Elementary and are very proud of our children's accomplishments as much as the schools. Principal Helwig is dedicated to the children's learining as much as he is to his job; their success is a reflection of his. He involves himself in their lives reminding them to 'choose' to have a good day. We are able to meet with him anytime and always feel welcomed. The teachers, cafeteria, and maintenance staff all are doing a great job with the student's by recognizing them as individuals - greeting them and and motivating them to always to show their Scottie Pride by awarding them with a Super Scottie card for excelling behavior. Kids are then recognized by the school and get to exchange their cards for a gift such as a pencil. I observe the students pride and enthusiasm daily.
5/4/2010parentThe faculty members are great and my child has learned a lot since she has been going there. Mrs. Romberg, my daughter's teacher, is a great teacher and I am so glad my child is h-in her class.
11/14/2009teacherHaving worked at other public elementary schools I have to say that Graham is by far the best Title I school in Austin ISD. The administration, especially the principal, are involved and visible all over the school. The students are pushed to not just 'get by' but to excel. I am so thrilled to be a part of this campus that is rated exemplary!
11/3/2009parentI would like to brag how good the staff is along with it's leadership. My daughter has excelled along with so many other students. Mr Helwig and his assistants really love there job and are focused on the students and there learning.
9/24/2009parentMy child just started school this year and I can see that Graham has lots of room for improvement. There seems to be quite a bit of disorganization. The school year is well under way and they are still hiring teachers. Notices that are sent with kids are not sent on a timely basis. The office is a little chaotic. The staff will not greet you when you come to the front desk. Flyers are misspelled in both English and Spanish. I a starting to regret enrolling my child at Graham.
5/27/2009parentI think that this is an Amazing school. The Principle there, Mr. Helwig is on a first name basis with ALL the kids. The Teachers there go above and beyond for every single child. They have an excellent 'support' system in place to help the children falling behind. They know how to push your kid and they aren't afraid to do it to bring them to their highest level of achievements. I have put 3 kids through Graham, my youngest son is in 5th grade and this is his last yr. I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at this school. I will miss them very much!! Go Scotties!! Sincerely, Mrs. Williams
5/8/2009parentThis is an amazing school! My daughter went there up until first grade. she loves that school so much that she is always talking about it. She is now going to fourth grade and wants to move with her grama just to go back to Graham. Everyone there knows you and your children by first name. It's like a big family that truly care about all the children. Oh yeah and the office staff are the best They are there to help you with anything. go scotties !
6/22/2008parentMy daughter has been at Graham since kinder and has now completed the 5th grade. I can honestly say this last year was her best. Principal Helwig has done an outstanding job in the one year he has been on board; he has great commitment to the student, and is always easy to get in contact with. I feel that Graham is definately on the right track now, I wish it included grade 6 so my daughter could stay there. Way to go Mr. Helwig!
10/1/2007parentWe just started school at Graham Elementary despite numerous negative reactions and comments received from the community (i.e. located on the East side, primarily minority or ESL, incompetent teachers, extreme or inappropriate discipline, etc). We decided that most were based on feelings rather than facts or personal experiences. Prior to the first day of school, we met with the principal, vice-principal, and general staff to discuss our general concerns, including the negative comments/feedback. We learned that the school has a new principal which is the 'Go! . He is open to parents concerns and issues. While we are fairly new to public schools, we look forward to continue being as involved as we can and informed to ensure the school meets our high expectations, not just for our kids but the entire school. If not yet, we will be known on a first name basis as we visit the school daily.
2/25/2006parentFirst let me say the bus system is horrible. My children academically have been getting worse since attending this school,I feel like I am the teacher now, I might as well just homeschool my children.
11/1/2005parentThe teachers at Graham Elementary want the kids to learn, and they encourage and push them to what they are capable of. The teachers are always availabe when you need to talk.
1/11/2005parentI think that the faculty and staff at Graham Elementary is exemplary. The office staff is friendly and helpful. The teachers really seem to care about the kids and try to focus on positive reinforcement. Although many students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, the parents really seem to care about their children's education.
12/2/2004parentMy kids have been going to this school for 2yrs and I regret moving here. My daughter has always been a straight A student and I feel that this school does not challenge them enough. My daughter had a fifth grade reading level at the end of first grade and it started going down each year. It seems like the teachers are always behind and blame it on wasting time on the bad kids. My kids had been to 2 other schools before this one cuz we've moved and this one is the worst school they have attended. They are good about keeping kids safe though. Another thing this is the only school that my kids have complained about. They complain about all the nasty language and things they here in school.

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