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John Handley High School
P.O. Box 910
Winchester, VA 22604
(540) 662-3471
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public | 9-12
County: Winchester city


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Vernon Doug Joyner2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/10/2011otherI graduated from John Handley in 2008. My high school career was full of personal issues; I went through a death of a close love one, teen pregnancy and raising a child, and my father passed in my senior year, then 7 months later my mother found out she had cancer and had to go through radiation and chemo tratment. The school was so supportive through it all. The staff cares about their students and will work with them until their goals are accomplished. I had issues about my classes and having enough credits to graduate and they worked it out all for me. The school is like a family. It's full of tradition and will instill pride and self confidence in you! There courses are hard but they make you earn your diploma and you can't have any shame ofr that. They only want the best for you.
9/24/2009studentHandley was a great school to finish out my high school career in! With the history and architecture, I was in an environment unlike any academic atmosphere I have experienced. I will always remember the memories of the heels in the wooden hallway and the magic of standing atop the front steps looking down onto the football/soccer field! How I miss the fun soccer days. Good luck!
9/17/2009parentBecause of the students and teachers here are veryy cool and some are nice .
9/17/2009parentJohn Handley is a great school, I love the hallways. i lovee the teachers. i love everything about handley. It's really great. Handley is good. Very Good. [: Not too many bad kids.
9/17/2009studentthis school has a lot of spirt and we have alot of respect
9/17/2009studentI love handley because has good teacher and learn more.
9/17/2009studenti love handly because hir i meet a lot of good people, nice class and great activitis for all the students
9/17/2009studenti like handley because of all the options you can choose from
9/17/2009parentHandley is a wonderful school. Great teacher's, wonderful classes. It has a lot of wonderful sport's. Handley is all about pride! I'm very glad to be going to Handley for my high school year's.
9/17/2009parentJohn Handley High School has a rich heritage truly filled with pride and honor. Our history alone helps us to stand out as one of the nations top schools. We continue to strive for, and achieve academic excellence. Our student population is diverse and focused. Handley Pride is a way of life for both our current and former students. Take time to visit and read about our school, and you too will understand what is so special about John Handley.
9/17/2009teacherThe staff works tirelessly to ensure succes for all of its students.
9/17/2009parentThere is such a supportive staff and administration and its a tremendous pleasure to work in a positive environment.
9/17/2009parentJohn Handley High School is rich in traditions and educational experiences. Highly rated faculty and staff and energenic students make the building come alive with learning. With a supportive community and students commitent to displaying their Handley Pride, John Handley High School is one of the best in the nation.
9/17/2009studentI love John Handley High School because of the people that walk throuhg the halls and I love the meaning of Handley Pride.
9/17/2009parentIt brings cultural unity. I really feel like I belong. The teachers really take interest in the studies and each individuals learning experience.
9/17/2009studenti love handley because one we have a great football and basketball team we cant be beat. Our school is over the top and other schools wish they could be like us but will never match up
9/17/2009studentOur school has alot of spirit which to us is Handley Pride, we are the best school because we have one thing that others don't have and that is encouragement, disipline, pride, honor, and we all love our school. When you attend here your not a student your a part of the Handley High School family. We are the best!!
9/16/2009parentHandley is a beautiful historic high school. I graduated from Handley and now my son is there.
9/13/2009teacherTough times, hard work: large class sizes this year, 26-30 per class for the lowest level-neediest kids. Upper level classes are smaller. I have Too much to whine about...sigh. Our administrators have a monumental task ahead of them, I have faith in them.
11/3/2008studentI attend JHHS and its a great school. Teachers are supportive on the whole and the facility is great. 'Handley Pride' is evident in the students and faculty.
10/10/2008studentI completely disagree with the person below me. Yes we are going under construction and things CAN be hectic, but they are only remodeling the school for our benefit. They do enforce many rules such as clothing and those of bullying.
1/9/2008studentI am currently attending this school. We are under construction and the school is a mess. They don't inforce the important rules such as no bullying but they do get people in trouble when they don't show respect or when people get into fights (if they inforced bullying then there would be less fights.)
11/30/2004studentI attend John Handley High and its a very nice school with a wonderful education program.

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